Print according to PDF size

I recently switched from PC to a MAC. I am having problems figuring out how to print “according to PDF size.” I downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader which does give me the option however the tops of the legal size pages gets cut off. I’ve talked to techs at the Apple Store but no one seems to have an answer. I’ve searched for other apps with no luck. Surely there are others out there who have Apple products. I would be SO grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

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You need to make sure your page size matches the paper size in your settings. It’s likely that, although your settings read “print according to PDF size”, your printer settings may not be matching.

I also am a Mac user. You won’t be able to print mixed doc sizes in one pass with a Mac. There is something inherent in the Adobe software that doesn’t work the way it should. I have a Brother printer, spent close to 5 weeks with Brother tier 4 tech support, only to have them discover it is an Adobe issue. :angry:

I ended up getting an older PC laptop to from which to print mixed docs. As usual, Mac users are the redheaded step children… :pensive:

If you find otherwise, I would love to know.


I am a mac user as well. I have the latest Intel Mac Book Pro. I spoke to Apple about this situation. The alternative solution in the mean time is to run Book Camp Assist in the Untilies folder under applications. This will particion your hard drive and will enable you to load windows on your mac book. You will have one side Mac, and one side Windows.

You will also need a Windows registration key if you don’t already have one. You can search the internet to find one for purchased. I found one for $80.00. After you have downloaded windows from the microsoft website you will then load it onto you mac hard drive. You will also need to download Adobe in the windows environment and your printer drivers as well

I switch to Windows only when I have to print. Each time I start it up I get PTSD from my time in the corporate world.

This is not the best solution but it works and there is plenty of hard drive space left.

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Thanks, Nick. That solution was also mentioned to me by the Brother Tech. I am just going to stick with using the laptop as my print server (KISS). Perhaps when I upgrade my Mac mini I will look at installing Boot Camp. Thanks for your suggestion!


I have both a pc and a mac. I only use the Mac to print my letter size confirmations. I also have two brother laser printers. Have any of you used any page splitter programs? I have heard of a few but have not tried it. I was wondering if that would be worth the effort trying and that way I can utilize my Mac.

Please when you find out about printing letter and legal let me know

I have gone through issues with selecting sizes in the past and now I use Adobe Acrobat for that. Has worked through 3 different printers and scanners

I had nothing but trouble with my Mac. Finally purchased a Dell because of the nightmare issues. It’s not fun having all those problems.

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Although page splitter programs have worked for me, I do not feel like taking the extra time to collate two packages for each signing to ensure all the pages are in the correct order.

Love my Mac except for this one problem. I’ve spent the last 10 months on the phone with Apple, Adobe and 3 different brand printer company’s trying to come up with a solution but as you know they don’t have one. I was finally informed that the problem is with all three company’s not just one, so there won’t be a “fix” coming from one individual company since they’re all pointing the finger at the other. I was beyond frustrated until one day I stumbled upon a brilliant programmer who figured out how to fix it. After working with him for several weeks testing and retesting, he’s nearly done with the patch and he’s written it so that it works for any printer that runs PostScript. We’ve tested it on my printers and it works! If you want more info let me know.

I went ahead and bought a cheap Windows laptop to use as a server for my printer. I don’t have time to spend hours on the phone with all sorts of different companies to try to finagle a solution. LOL

Did you ever try and see if the Parallels software on Mac would work for the print issue? I’ll have to try

I tried Parallels this week. It didn’t work. In Adobe Acrobat the file shows every page as 8.5x11" and it’s not until I print that I can see there was a problem. I end up having to find the page number for each of them and then printing them separately; which makes it print on a legal size sheet even thought I made no extra choice but to print the individual or group of pages within the package. Time consuming and frustrating.