Printer issues

Do any of you have issues printing 32 bit pdf loan docs on a 64 system?
I have pages that come out with missing letters, and, in some cases crazy mixed overlapping letters! I have to re-print those crazy pages by the each, and re-collate them into the stack. You can imagine how this slows me down.

I had my tech work on it and others in his world have experienced the same thing.
So far, I have been more successful by saving the pdf as a new document, reducing the file size and giving it a new name. However, there are still “weird” pages that have to be re-printed by the each – one page at a time!

SOS from a new notary!

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I download the file, re-name it to something I understand, save, and print from there. I, too, have a 64 bit system and haven’t had the problems you described.

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Make sure your printer updates installations are up to date. I was getting some spotting dots on my document randomly. I saw there were bugs fix among other updates to install from the website for my printer. It fixed the issues I was having.

Thanks AR! …from AH🙏

Thanks Irina. Updates are important to quality control. :hibiscus: