Printer - Print by PDF page size option

I just purchased a Brother HL-L6200. I am a mac user. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to use the print by PDF page size option. I checked the selection and made sure the printer driver was enabled to select by page size, but still not working. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful and appreciated!!!

I can’t help with your settings. But will tell you that if all else fails you can use the page separator at Notary Rotary.

I would consult with Brother Customer Service / or Brother Help Desk.

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I would contact Brothers they are very helpful and will get you up and working in no time.

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You have to download the BR-Script3 driver. I have the same printer and I contacted Brother and they walked me through it. I, too, have a MAC but I also noticed that when I print from a .pdf the pages get cut off. Mac and Adobe don’t work well together when printing loan documents. I’m purchasing a cheap windows laptop just to print my loan documents until Adobe and Mac can figure this out. Good luck!

I have the same printer and just figured it out!!! Works great. You have to kind of read between the lines. Contact me direct and I can assist. takes about 2 min.

You have to download the BR-Script3 driver. Also, you need to go into the printer setup and make sure that you are using the above driver and check the box that says use pdf sizes to determine paper size. The last item that no one tells you is that you need to change the mode from layout to paper handling. This step is what makes it all work. Now my printer works great! Good Luck.

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I use an HP laser printer with adobe XI reader. This might not be the same but on this setup I get an option to print by actual PDF size or shrink oversize pages to fit page. Ive tried both ways and discovered the shrink option gives me a half inch margin at the top of the page. If I use the actual size option I get one fourth inch margin and sometimes right out to the edge. Every system is different though.

I have the Brother HL-L6200 and used my Mac. Never could get it to work correctly. Finally, purchased a Dell Computer because of all the issues with Mac.

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thank you, I will try it.

This is such a huge problem for all of us Mac users, frustrating! I’ve spent the last 10 months on the phone with Apple, Adobe and 3 different brand printer company’s trying to come up with a solution but as you know they don’t have one. I was finally informed that the problem is with all three company’s not just one, so there won’t be a “fix” coming from one individual company since they’re all pointing the finger at the other. I was beyond frustrated until one day I stumbled upon a brilliant programmer who figured out how to fix it. After working with him for several weeks testing and retesting, he’s nearly done with the patch and he’s written it so that it works for any printer that runs PostScript. We’ve tested it on my printers and it works! If you want more info let me know.

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Hello, do you have the information to get the brother printer working Adobe and a MAC computer?

Gosh, has it really been a year since I posted this information?! Thank you for reaching out for more information, we’re in the process of building the website and taking care of legal aspects of the software. We’ve had a few “hiccups” along the way which has caused a delay but it’s still in the works. As soon as we have the green light from our legal counsel than I will make sure you are at the top of the contact first list!

Please let me know when you have the program available also I have a Mac desktop and a laptop and I did a partition on my desktop to run Windows on it just to print. I spent months also on the phone with brother, Apple and Adobe and same thing like everyone else says no resolution just everyone pointing the finger at each other.

I have a Mac Air and pint on a Brother HL-L 5200 DWT. After several frustrating calls with Brother got a hold of a tech that was really knowledgeable. Also some what of a smart-ass (which I really enjoyed) with respect to software programmers. When you to to print, rotate the view 180 degrees so you print from the bottom of the page up. Works like a charm for me. Be sure to check the box at the bottom of Adobe DC to select by page size.

I have Brother HL-L5200DW and MacBook Air. I just downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader and have the “choose paper source by pdf size” option. I don’t have a document to test the 2 page size feature, but am getting ready to return the printer. Any recommendation for a printer that works well with Mac? Or is it really best to give in and purchase a PC?

Call Brother they will help you