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Can someone suggest a dual tray printer other than Brother. Brother is on back order. I ordered the 6200dwt and the delivery date keeps getting pushed back. Are there any other good reliable dual tray printers like brother that won’t cost me an arm and a leg? I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!!

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there are lots of printers that can handle the work but its the scanner that creates workload. First you need to use laser as the cost and reliability is great. the problem is on most printers the scan is limited to 50 pages or less requiring you to have several scans. and files to work with. Even though some companies request and even separate docs for legal and letter, i almost never print legal and have never received any complaint or fee adjustment. the legal profession did away with legal size docs in the 79’s, its time for banks to moderenize.
Back to scanners, last year i purchased a Used HP LaserJet Flow MFP M880 printer for $1200 delivered (new they cost about $10,000) because it can scan 150 + at one time and in just 3-4 minutes. The change and ease to scan and send now only takes about10 min total. This is color because i do need a color printer for another business. I see these for under $1,000 now but check around for a B&W scanner that has at least 150 Automatic document feeder and you will not be sorry. Since these are generally built to print 10,000 pages per month or more they are heavy duty and its unlikely you will ever wear one out although sometimes it may be cheaper to replace than maintain.

You might be able to find the 6200DW in stock, and order the additional tray separately, for roughly the same price. That’s what I did, and I have been very happy with the result.

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Thank you!! I think that is what I am going to do.

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Thank you for the information!!

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You’re very welcome!

I have a NEW IN BOX Brother HL-6200DWT which I ordered a few months ago. I was subsequently hospitalized for 8 weeks of IV antibiotics every 8 hours… and the DWT came when I couldn’t get it returned. If you’d like to purchase, send me a note!

Hi Doug,

Thank you for the information. I hope you are feeling well now. Stay healthy!!


I just bought HL- 6200DWT off of Amazon, they had 5 left when I bought. I got in about 4 days. After wasting a month and a half waiting on a couple of companies that listed them “in stock” on the Brother website I found one on Amazon, I just wanted a backup to my 5200 Brother dual tray.

Good luck!

I use canon image class they are about $300 I love love it. Also for the toner cartridges I can assist with with saving.

Hi, I bought a Canon. Image class last week. After getting set up, I was trying to get the fax to work. I found out that if I receive a fax, it can only be printed on letter sized paper (or A4). In the item description that helped me determine to purchase it, it said the largest paper size is legal. I don’t know what to do, since many loan docs need to be on legal size paper.
I’ve not actually done a signing as a notary, but I have been a real estate agent, so I’m generally familiar with forms. I don’t know what to do.

I am not too sure about which printer is best, however I wanted to recommend checking newegg for your printer. They tend to have good amount of options.

Thank you for the information!

I picked up a Brother 6200 and will attach a second tray.

Thank you!

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That was a great purchase.

Thank you for the information!

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I am interested, please email me

Nice. I have a brother 6400. I used a cannon for my scans.