Printing All Legal size for a purchase?

Im very curious to know if anyone has ever had to print a entire package on legal size paper per title request?

Not often, but it happens. What really annoys me is when said package is still mostly letter size. Shows either they don’t trust us or they’re idiots who don’t know how to scan properly.


Lol… I posted this just see if I was crazy. Thank you for letting me know this happens. This is a first timer for me.

I have had to do so for Vylla Title. I think next time I will ask them why this is necessary since I can correctly print legal and letter. I agree with Arichter’s statement.

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Yes, Ticor Title does it all the time.
Even when I’ve done their in office signings they print them all legal.

Charge them more. Especially if it’s over 100 pages.

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The recording office in your parish or county may require legal-sized documents. In Orleans Parish (LA), there’s a higher fee if documents are submitted on letter-sized paper.

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Yes, on several occasions. A pain i must add

Or too lazy. [I have to reply with more than 20 characters for this to post.]

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