Printing Mixed Paper Size Loan Packages with iMac, HP404dw & Adobe Pro DC Solution

I was having problems printing mixed paper size loan packages from my two tray HP404DW. After researching the issue here, online and on Youtube I came up with a solution that worked for me.

Before applying my solution I had various problems but the most consistent was legal size documents included in the loan package would be cut off at the top and other times the legal forms would start printing in random places on the forms.

My solution was combining two different steps I read about online and watched and on Youtube (Victor Chambers Signings-"Printer Settings 2.0).

I have a 21" Imac, HP M404DW laser printer with two drawers & Adobe Pro DC.

This works for me…

  1. I installed a second printer for my M404DW. (That’s install not buy.) I selected the general postscript driver for this second printer.

  2. I downloaded a loan application PDF. I rotated the view 180 degrees.

  3. I printed it from Adobe making sure the the new driver was selected, checking both “actual size” and “choose paper source by pdf page size”.

The document printed perfectly.

Of course your two drawer printer needs to be set up correctly to select the right paper. It works for me. Hope it works for you. I am not a tech guy. So if I used the wrong terminology, please excuse me.


Thanks for sharing!!

All this in just under 7 hours with the HPM404DN. And if there weren’t tax forms to be filed with the City, I wouldn’t have even known the pages weren’t the correct size. If filed on anything other than letter size it’s a three bucks a page. I assumed it was doing as I programmed it to.

Howdy all,

I’m using a 2019 Macbook Pro. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Brother HL-L6200DW with a 2nd tray added and using the BR Script 3 driver.

Every issue with Mac and Abobe, (they don’t like each other on a company level), is solved by rotating the image on your screen 180 degrees!
Prints mixed sizes perfectly every time. Don’t even need to save them. Just toss the entire loan package upside down on your screen. Then print.


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