Printing PDF documents from Adobe come out very light print

Almost all of my documents come either by the notary agency’s website or from email in PDF form. When I print PDF documents they look dark and clear on the screen but when they print it comes out very light. This makes it difficult when scanning docs back if required as they aren’t very clear. I have darken all my settings on my printer but when I search online, this seems to be a problem with download and printing PDF files on line. I did the adjustments that Adobe suggests and it makes no difference. Anyone else have this problem?

Sounds more like your printer toner is low. Adobe PDF has nothing to do with the darkness of your print.

Pretty much agree with garyw148, BUT you might try Print> printer properties> Paper quality & under “Print Quality”, increase the DPI (dots per inch) as high as it will go, if you haven’t already tried that.

Oh, of course, that is the first thing I checked, my toner and all my printer settings, plus spent about an hour on the phone with the Lexmark tech, and we did some work around which did improve the docs but still not as dark as I wish they were. But Adobe has a work around as well so its not just me, but it did not help with the lighter print. I was just wondering if anyone else had that issue.

I had this problem with docs for the first time in nine years a couple days ago. Print quality started out correctly on the first few docs, and then, much to my surprise at the signing table, print quality alternated from less dark to very light (although still readable) on about half the remaining pages. Disheartening, since I’d just put in a new black cartridge before printing off the docs (my printer is Brother MFC9970CDW). When I returned from the signing, I took out the black cartridge, shook it, held it up to the light, and could tell it was still nearly full. Nonetheless I replaced that cartridge with a new one and the next batch of docs came out just fine. Hopefully problem is solved. But, another lesson learned, always fan through the docs to make sure they have printed correctly before heading off to a signing.

Adobe is the gold standard for printing for the entire planet. Period. There is no connection between PDF docs and print quality. Adobe prints what it sees. Instead of trying to find blame with a product that prints billions of pages a day globally why not simply try to eliminate the printer itself as the problem? This assumes you have made every adjustment to your printer possible.

ONE POSSIBLE EXCEPTION…before I suggest an approach to this problem I must make you aware of a similar issue I encountered. The docs that were sent to me were scanned. Most docs come from the signing company’s computers, they are not printed and then scanned. Scanned files lose some resolution unless your are scanning at 1200x1200 which would take forever. A scanned file may look OK on your screen but print lightly. Are these docs all from the same source?

Of the forms that are printing lightly try downloading that form from it’s source (HUD/VA) whatever. Do NOT scan it. Simply try printing it. NO improvement? Printer problem. Improvement? Doc file problem.

Still not convinced? Switch printers. You must have a friend, or at least a print shop, close by. Simply take some pages from the file you received and put them on a thumb drive and bring it to a different printer. NOTE…before everyone starts screaming “you can’t do that with non public data”, simply use Adobe to pull out only documents without non public data, there are plenty of them in any package, just look for them. I can think of a dozen off the top of my head. If the printer (not yours) prints OK, see above, your printer sucks.

I certainly am not trying to blame anyone for this, I only asked if anyone was experiencing this problem and found a work around. I am aware that a lot of docs come from notary agencies, which come from title companies that has a bearing on the clarity of the documents. And to suggest I go to HUD and print docs is absurd. I work for many agencies and title companies. Not just one. My printer prints beautiful clear pages from other sources. This forum I thought was a place to ask questions and learn from others, not to be attacked and imply that I haven’t checked all sources and am placing blame on Adobe and admit that my printer is crap. Read your response, it’s very condescending.

It’s definitely one of these: your print toner is malfunctioning or low, or there’s a problem what software are you using in order to watch the preview of the file to print. If you have Adobe Acrobat license, try to open the document with it and send to print as well - its preview quite more accurate. If you don’t have so you might well try this tool, which is cheaper a little and also has an accurate preview feature

check you graident setting

It is mostly a toner setting issue. When I changed to a generic toner brand, I had to adjust the settings for my laser printer. I have to make sure those settings are the same after I take the toner cartridge out for cleaning the corona wire as well.