Private wealth signing?

What is a private wealth signing and how long does it take exactly are they like similar to refinance, has anyone done one please do tell me what goes on in a private wealth signing

Did you find out what this was?

Yes, I have done a lot of these its the same as any other signing our portion of the work remains the same. It’s just the lenders and TCs are treating these files with kid gloves and pay us a higher fee to be sure their client is treated right. The signers are high-end borrowers, usually with tight schedules.

I remember my first one. It was impressed on me by TC to be on time and professional. I was also not to contact borrowers to confirm. Everything was pre-screened. Made me a little nervous. But it all turned out great, borrowers were wonderful people.


I recently did couple of JP Morgan private clients. Its almost as close to white glove service with a butler.

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Who can I contact in order to get some Wealth signing?

I recently had one through JP Morgan too. It felt so odd not to have any contact with my signers. But it flowed so smoothly and was over quickly since they didn’t have any questions or stress.