Probate case- Loaded question

I was asked how would a probate notarization be handled if relatives are in different states? I assumed it could be signed & notarized in one state then overnight it to other signer to sign in front of another notary in that state- then done! Or is this more tricky than this because it’s a probate case…? Please advise.

I think you got it! I cannot think of another way to handle it.

@cghebb69 IME that’s exactly how it’s done - absent acceptance of remote online notarization - not sure if probate paperwork can be remotely notarized.

Back in my day (and I admit it was some years ago) we’d send individual copies of paperwork to each party in interest with explicit instructions on how and where to sign, whether to get notarized or not, and how and where to return.

Time-consuming, yes - but that’s what happens when one has heirs/family spread throughout the country.

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Thanks for your response & have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

Always get advisement from the probate attorney. These can be sticky events if not exactly right. Each State is different in how this is handled.

@RiverpointeTax true…but the laws of the state where the estate is being probated rule the roost here … If that state requires all parties to sign the same form and have notarized…then so be it. Some states give more latitude and let each heir-at-law sign off on their individual form. Saves a lot of time. And all courts and attorneys pray there’s not that ONE who’s gonna raise a stink! LOL