Problems w/ NotaryDash

Since October I had put all my proposed assignments on a spreadsheet.In this time period there have been over 150 assignments I press to say ‘I’m available. The most assignments are from NotaryDash. To today I have never got one with NotaryDash since I started. Have anybody else been this lucky? Wonder what is the odd of this happening. It look to me at being odd. Must of them is with Coast2coast and lowball too. I had did work for them though Snapdocs. Is there a problem with NotaryDash?

Coast 2 Coast owned NotaryDash. They used less of SnapDocs now

I’m about to remove my name from Notary Dash, not any better than Snapdocs, but WORST. Low ballers only!

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totally! They are the low ballers for sure! They make more than double than the notary who is actually doing the work.

Thank you for the information @ Louis.

I had a feeling that there was a strange connection with both firms.

So let me explain this Coast2Coast scam. They have 2 sides on the business. One for Notary Dash and the other through Snapdocs. The Snapdocs site always pay more than the lousy $30.00 the CC pays through NotaryDash. Notary Dash claims to pay in 30 days. That statement is not true. I had assignments well pass there 30 rule. I emailed MANY MANY MANY times. They NEVER returned my emails request. It wasn’t until I told them I will going to notify our legal team of the non payment, that 2 or the 3 invoices appeared by e-check. We are still owed one assignment.

Furthermore, the Notary Dash side is extremely unprofessional. Not only do accounting never answer emails but customer service will takes 2 or 3 weeks to get back to you. I have assignments sitting in my que going back to July for one reason or another.

Now I dare anyone from Coast2Coast to dispute anything I have posted here.

Now the Coast2Coast Snapdocs side is like night and day. They pay more, we can negotiate rates, and they pay on time. We have NEVER had any issue with this side.

So it boggles the mind why the other side can not get there … right. That is our 2 cents to this conversation.

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We use to get the assignments. We get the same text from Notarydash and we are not getting the jobs either. So you are not alone.

I do work for them from time to time. I negotiate the fee and do not accept the lowball offers. The work they need done is crucial to the clients. So are my services.


I finally accepted an assignment from NotaryDash to work with Coast2Coast Signings.
$30.00. Yep! I should NEVER have done so.
The borrower NEVER returned my phone calls. She DID RESPOND TO TEXT.
The assignment was accepted 11/19, and she put off the signing until 11/30/2020, and later changed it to 12/1/2020 7pm to meet me at the Mall.

6:45PM I text her that I’m at the mall and she calls me to say she’s still at work. I agree NO problem I’ll come to you because she lives closer to my home anyway. She hangs up – I get to her home – it’s pitch black, no porch lights. No houselights on. I refuse to exit my vehicle, call her and she says, "oh my God – you’re at my home? I’m still at work – across town – “my son took my car and I’m still waiting for him.” No problem, I’ll drive (across town) so around 8:40/8:45 we start the signing for the Partial Claim – easy peasy.
It’s too late to ship the docs so I take them to UPS next morning 12/2/2020. I JUST received the check and 1/12/2021 and GUESS what. It’s a Deluxe echeck that I have to either pay to have mailed to me, OR join Deluxe to print it. $1.50 which requires SIGNING UP FOR DELUXE.

Hate is a strong word – so I won’t use it but God knows my heart :frowning:

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A couple of things. Sorry you were given the run-a-round. You really accepted a very low fee. Please remember, you can always negotiate the fee.

Deluxe echeck is free to signup, with an email and password.
There is an option to select to print the check, which is FREE (it will download as a PDF) and you ca deposit it to your checking account for free at your bank or from your bank’s mobile app.


My Bank would NOT accept that printed check on the mobile app so I’ll need to make a trip to the bank just to deposit a $30 check.

As for negotiating, I usually negotiate or turn down those offers – they were never responding so I accepted this order JUST to experience the signing and see how well the company works as I receive hundreds of these order requests. As it turned out it was not worth the hassle for the time expended with the customer nor the client. I just realized I performed this in December 1, 2020 and just receiving payment on 1/12/2021 – and that was after 3 friendly invoice resent reminders. It was NOT worth the time/effort.

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Wow they seemed like a reputable company from this video.

Their payment system $UCKS! excuse my language :speak_no_evil:
Last time I did business with Coast 2 Coast their “Deluxe” check bounced because the account wasn’t clear and my bank didn’t recognized. When I called to get paid and reimbursed NOBODY WAS RESPONSIBLE and they couldn’t understand how it happened… long story short, $50 fee paid after 45 days, got a notification that the money was available for me to collect… Deluxe charges a fee for depositing into your account, OR you have the option to print the check and deposit. Check bounced, my bank charged me $30, Deluxe wasn’t responsible for my bank not recognizing their account, my banks are Chase and Bank of America, and never ever had a problem with them until that situation… I shut down the account with Deluxe, blocked Coast 2 Coast and NotaryDash… I want nothing to do with them.


I’ve received two payments via Deluxe Check. I’ve printed both on my printer (for free) and deposited them into a Bank of America account with no problems.

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Hmmm :thinking: I’m actually here to chime in on this. I’m awaiting payment from Coast2CoastSigning from an order
CLOSED 3/2/21.
Payment was due 4/2/21
and today is 5/14/21.

I took one of those ridiculous $30 signings because in my state the refinancing boom is a bust.

Here’s what I’ve learnt
The same time and energy is required for a $30 and a $300 signing. One of these jobs covers my expenses and pays me for the 30 days delayed payment, and the other doesn’t.

As a new notary signing agent (coming up on year 1 July 23rd) what was acceptable will not be the same year 2 and beyond. Definitely working on marketing for direct client/attorney partners.

“A workman is worthy of his/her hire” Holy Bible


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