Problems with Avanti paying fee

I accepted a signing with Avanti back in Nov 2018 through Snapdocs and of course not one problem with the signing but to date I have not been paid the $100 they owe me. I have sent an invoice to them, I sent pay pal billing so they could use credit card if needed. I text them and the main phone says disconnected but I had a couple other numbers of the people who work there and they are not answering or returning calls. I happen to text one of them and she replied with oh, I will get that over to our bookkeeper right away and get you a check cut on that and even apologized for not paying. Of course no check shows up and she does not respond to my text messages now now answer my call or return any calls. I then calls the number that had been listed on our forum by one of the notaries who knows them and this guy wont answer his calls at all or return voicemails. Tomorrow I sending letters to title and lender that they are not paying and there is an obvious problem with them.I had problems the first time and was reluctant to accept the signing and she promised me that OH, YES YOU WILL GET PAID!!! Im done with them and will not accept another signing from them EVER!

Sorry to hear you’re not being paid. Contacting Title & Lender generally works. I am beginning to think that SnapDocs also needs to step up to the plate about non-payment to notaries. If a company did NOT pay SnapDocs, I’m sure they would not be allowed to continue using that platform. Not paying the notary should have the same result or SnapDocs reputation will suffer also as being a ‘platform for non-paying companies’ in the opinion of notaries.

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Agree with both posts. At one point last year Avanti was paying without delay, but sadly I now have 2 unpaid jobs that I did toward the end of 2018 and no response from Avanti to me emailed invoices.