Professional Notary Services, Inc

I had a closing that I had done on July 18, 2019, I sent a text the week of August 12. 2019 asking when I would expect payment to be received since August 18th falls on a Sunday. Their response was to expect it next week because they will send it over the weekend. It is now September 2, 2019 and I have not received payment as they’ve promised through text. BE AWARE of taking closings from Professional Notary Services, Inc. They do not pay within the 30 day time frame.

I beg to differ. I’ve been doing closings for them since their inception and always pay promptly. They expect perfection and professional notaries to do their jobs at every signing.

I received the payment after 45 days on September 3rd, that’s not prompt. I did my part of the job, they didn’t have any complaints. When I messaged them about my concern there was no response.

Most companies pay in 30 days, your payment is just 15 days over, big woop.
You need to be doing more signings, and stop worryng and bad mouthing signing companies, they read these message boards to.

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Nothing but good things to say about Professional Notary Services

I have done signings for Professional Notary Services for 5 years. They have consistently paid between 45 and 60 days over that period. I know I can count on them paying me. I am selective about who I take assignments from, as I have been a Signing Agent for 16 years, and I will keep taking signings from Professional Notary Services.

You don’t have to talk to me in that manner. I wasn’t even bad mouthing the company. I was stating the payment wasn’t posted in the 30 days like a lot of folks have stated was an issue on this forum for not being paid within 30 days, including you. I was mentioning how I was being lied to over the phone that I would receive payment by the next week and it wasn’t received as promised. So yes if it is a norm to be paid within this time frame of 45-60 days then folks should be aware of it. I did nothing wrong, so please take your B.S. elsewhere.

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Thank you for posting, I had not seen any posts in regards to this company before I made my statement and was hoping a few people would share their experience. I was only making my comments in regards to not receiving payment in time frame of what they were mentioning, that was my concern. If someone sees this post then they will know to expect payment within the 45-60 day time frame.

admin2, I might suggest that instead of “asking” by email when you will receive payment, that you send a reminder collection letter on the 35th day after a signing, unless you have a history with the company and know their payment is always running 45 days or longer. A reminder collection letter doesn’t include any threatening statements, rather it’s just reminding them that YOUR payment terms are 30 days. We must keep any emotional statements out of all our correspondence. We are professional business owners and we must keep all our communication strictly professional.

A collection letter on the 35th day…

In my business I have to use vendors to supply my inventory (paper and ink) and they request payments to be made by the net 30 terms, not 45-60 days. I can’t run out to grab paper every time to conduct a closing.

So is it really that much to post about how a company conducts their business? Is it really a problem when I have never worked with the company before and there is no other information out there to provide information on how this company operates with paying out invoices?

I thought that was what this forum was about? All I said was beware of what’s going on. No one deserves this type of feedback,

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So let me get this straight:

You were 45 days past the signing date and weren’t paid and thought it was ok to come here and say “Beware of these guys for taking a while” (You’re right to do so)

You then get worked up when someone suggests to send a collection letter on the 35th day to help expedite payment if not received. You also seem to view this as a problem.

I’m having a hard time understanding why the second part is so out of the ordinary to do, but you had no problem doing the first.

Listen, we get it. If you’re new and havent been taking a ton of signings, the money coming promptly is very important. With that being said, relax and keep working on getting more signings and partnering with more companies. When you get busier, you wont even notice that someone took a couple extra days(two weeks in your case) to pay you… Now, you’ll still track things and I’d say once you get to two months, then you should start making a big stink about not getting paid.

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Have you read this entire thread? I am worked up over everyone commenting as if I did something wrong. I was not looking for suggestions on how to run my business. I simply just stated what others have mentioned in other threads, which was to present information that could help someone. It is not that simple for everyone to get signings, since we all do not live in populated areas. Everyone does not have the same situation as you, and I wish your remarks were not coming as if we all are the same. You have no idea what I am going through.

i agree Afmin2, if the statement they make is net 30 as some companies do, then they should be paying according to their disclaimer. It is irritating to have to “chase” money they have AGREED to pay. Theres no harm in venting that, I totally understand that. The suggestion to send a reminder is fair. what if they overlooked it or misplace the invoice. After 3-4 requests, Im sorry, they are dodging the payment. I sent a very aggressive and threatening letter only after several calls, emails,copied emails to loan offcers and repeat invoice and I9 requests. so be very VERY wary of Village Capital. This is not a singular opinion. there are MANY negative ratings. I just saw them too late.