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Over a year ago, I accepted a signing for an SBA loan for “Professional” Notary Services. I received the notification through Signing Order. The signing had an unusual stipulation that I scan the documents and upload them at the signing location. The signing was at the home of the business owner. I packed my laptop and mobile scanner and went to the signing. I had trouble finding their home, so I was late. However, I let the signer and signing service know. I have done hundreds of commercial loans. I have two bachelor degrees in economics and business and two master degrees. I have worked as a LSA since my first round of college, before I even knew what a loan signing agent was. Because I have experience and education with funding, I take care to not give advice or interpret any documents beyond what they expressly state.

To make this short, I’ll just say that the signers had many questions about their paperwork and the lender, one of the most used SBA lenders, were not returning calls from the signers regarding their questions. I believe I was there for over 5 hours. About two hours in, I called the signing service “from the table” on speaker phone, to try to get help reaching the lender AND to respond to the multiple texts and calls from Marcy Tiberio regarding completion of the signing. Before I could even state that I was at the table and she was on speakerphone she angrily stated that the signing was taking too long and that they “just needed to sign.” Professionalism defined! By the end of the signing, after business hours I was trying to scan and upload the docs. However, the bandwidth at the location was horrible AND I had to use the restroom, which I never do at a signers home. In addition, they started cooking dinner! I made an executive decision to go home and finish scanning and uploading the documents.

This Marcy “witch” lost her mind. I had spoken to the title company and knew the time constraints, but she yelled and demanded I stay then go back to the signers home. I recorded most of my conversations with her after her giving commands to “make them sign.” There is more liability in forcing, intimidating, or even compelling a person to sign a document. Not to mention, it is immoral and wrong. Loans have conditions such as pre-payment penalties or a year of interest only payments that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Do not EVER force somebody to sign a document.

When I arrived home the harassment to scan the docs and upload them continued even AFTER I had sent them to the signing service. I had to re-forward the email and update title and the signers and the lender. It was absolutely ridiculous and a sloppy mess. Marcy cancelled the signing on signing order. She refused to pay me. Luckily for her, my accounting “intern” went back to college and this issue fell through the cracks until I received a tip from somebody I know that works for a government entity about potential fraud. When I contacted Marcy, she said “I knew why I wasn’t paid and not to contact her again, as it was harassment?”

I spoke to the lender and was told that the deed for the property involved in the transaction was signed by another notary on the same date I was there for hours and left at 5pm or after. Hmmmmm? Any thoughts?

This is in the middle of the pandemic and I was wearing a mask for so long I got mask-acne. I asked Marcy specific questions that the signers had regarding the loan and she did not know the answers but just insisted they sign. I knew the answers. I wasn’t taking the liability. So…. what are my options now? I bought several domains similar to this company’s domain, I have a scheduled call with OIG and SBA and I have a copy of the deed on its way to my home. Moral of the story? Do the right thing and you will always have options. This was the most unprofessional encounter I have ever had so the name of the business cracks me up.

(Pardon any grammatical errors, sent via phone while traveling)

https://www.professionalnotaryservices.biz/ http://linkedin.com/in/marcytiberio

How could you question the integrity of PNS when the owner was the alphabet site’s 2015 notary of the year? :slight_smile:

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If I Have TWO Bachelor Degrees, and TWO Master Degrees and a Long history Doing HUNDREDS of commercial loans, the least I would do is work for Signing Order who is paying an average of $65.00 - $125.00 a piece wasting precious time.
( Do you have a chauffeur or you can text and drive at the same time?

Lol, I suppose ensuring that you get the job done regardless of notarial laws, best business practices or morality scores well. I’ve never had any issues with the ABC peeps, but I saw she was an ambassador… missed 2015 notary of the year. Nice catch!

I believe it was $250 or $300 for this signing. For commercial signings, I’ll typically take less because it is a networking opportunity for my other businesses and career. Regardless, SigningOrder, SnapDocs, and other low balling companies sometimes offer great opportunities. However, I try to remain positive about life and other things… I don’t think we have that in common so you probably can’t expect the same results. :-1:t4:

Also, I have that fancy talk to text and hands free factory system in my Jeep so… I fired the chauffeur. The hate is strong with this one…. Ugh.

Thank you for sharing your experience handling that signing order. If anyone has been in this profession long enough, they are bound to have some stories to share.

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I have heard of her, she is soused to be a nice person. Guess that’s not right. Don’t know about the other notary. These services need to understand that if you don’t pay someone on purpose,
that’s wire fraud

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