Property transfer affidavit and other assessor forms question

Usually title fills these out and then tells us to have the signer sign at the bottom.
Is it typical to be asked to fill out the top part also? I assume not since we (the notaries) are not
always made privy to that information such as type of transfer, amount of down payment, etc.
I had a situation where the representative at the table was wondering why I could not fill in that information. There is no way!!!

I’ve seen that happen. In my state, Vermont, to fill out the form, some of the information needed if a private individual is selling to another private individual would be the seller’s social security number (SSN), the buyer’s SSN, and the SPAN number of the property, which can be found on the property tax bill. No way would I have access to all that information.

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yes, that makes sense and if it’s something we’re told to “ask the signer” they don’t necessarily know the answer either

Filling out any part of a document, other than the notary certificate, could be interpreted as UPL. The signers can what they want, including filling in the blanks.

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