PSA to newbies applying at Bancserv

I just got a rejection letter to my application to Bancserv. Their reasons include:

Ø Location

· We currently have an over saturation of notaries that are well qualified to handle the amount of work we receive in your service area

Ø Availability

· We are currently only seeking full time notaries in your service area

Ø Experience

· We are currently only seeking notaries who have more than 1 year experience with loan document signings

Ø Loan Officer/Real Estate Agent

· We are currently NOT accepting any notaries who hold an active or inactive license from the Department of Real Estate. Only notaries with expired licenses will be eligible to be in our database. All applicants are verified through state licensing records before a final decision has been made.

Ø Attorney State

· If you reside in South Carolina , Georgia or Massachusetts please note we are currently only accepting Attorney’s in our database at this time.

What I get from this is Austin is oversaturated with “qualified” notaries. The 11th largest US city is oversaturated with notaries. Really? Despite the fact I told them due to COVID that I am a full-time NSA, they are only seeking full-time notaries in the area. Is this in addition to the fact that Austin is allegedly oversaturated with NSA’s? Because I’m actually confused by that statement. Also, I am neither a Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent, and Texas is not an Attorney State.

What is comes down to is that I have less than 1 year experience in the industry. I’ve been doing this job pretty regularly for about 4 months now, and I’ve gotten really good at it.

So, if you’re a new NSA, skip applying at Bancserv. Their application site is only open on the first of the month, and you’ll automatically get rejected when you are truthful about the amount of experience you have.

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I applied before I had any experience, and got the exact same email, minus the attorney state comment. While they didn’t say it, I figured it was my lack of experience. They were not alone; I was turned down by almost 20 of the 125 companies I tried to sign up with. Two smaller ones told me to call back after I had 100 signings. But I’ve gotten pretty regular work on the lower end of several who did take newbies. Seems to be a circle - since they pay less, they get newbies, since I’m a newbie, I get paid less. This makes sense to me. Every other job I’ve held paid newcomers less.

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Yikes :unamused: it $ucks not having enough experience. My scenario is same as yours.

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Thank you for the advice! I was getting ready to apply Oct. 1st… you really save me time and frustration. It would help if they put 1 YEAR OF EXPERIENCE MINIMUM. It saves them time and the NSA’s time as well

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I’m glad you are going to benefit from my misfortune. Time is a precious commodity, and I’m a firm believer in using that time wisely. I’m happy to be of service. :100:

I agree, they should state somewhere in their applications page that you should have a minimum of 1 year service before applying. I could have used that time I spent applying on something that would have benefited my business now. I’m trying not to look at their rejection letter as time wasted, but rather a lesson learned.

There’s 15 weeks left in 2020. If I keep at my current pace of a minimum of 5 signings a week, I’ll go beyond 100 signings by the end of the year. This is the first week since I started NSA work that I will have done more than 5 signings in a week.


which companies have you had success with?