Query about A Step Above Signing Service, Angie Fletcher

Anyone else being treated like a redheaded step child by this woman? I’m tired of fighting her. I shouldn’t have to PROVE to her that she sent me a job for which she owes payment. But here we are. She’s “looking into it”.
If I’m lucky enough to get paid, I won’t be accepting anything else from her. Its ridiculous to have to wait a full 45 BUSINESS days before I can request payment, and then be told her records show she owes nothing.
I went through something similar months back, when she said she had sent payment, yet I never got it. She said she would resend it, and after the second request, she finally did. We emailed about how she was being vilified in these forums for nonpayment, and I assured her that I’m not one to post negative reviews unless truly warranted, and that I trusted her word and wouldn’t be posting negative comments.
But here we are.

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Just double check your records closely…not saying you’re wrong (well, maybe? LOL) - but there was a notary recently (not you) who came here and crucified a company for not paying - come to find out after all the back and forth, the notary actually had been paid - just logged it in wrong in their bookkeeping records. It happens.

Meanwhile, hope you get paid soon.

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Updating to add that she did remit payment today. Its just very frustrating to be told she already sent it, and thus is now resending it. Same thing happened last time. Claims it was sent, then 2 weeks later, still nothing.
Facts are facts.
If the electronic payment had glitched and not gone through the first time, the money would still be there, she would have some idea of it. She said her records indicated she had nothing outstanding. She also said 'if you emailed me, I emailed you back".
Not true.
And the salty way she replied back to me uncalled for.
I don’t feel it’s in my best interest to take her at her word anymore, however, as I said, she has paid now.
I have one more invoice that I can’t submit until the end of the month and after that, I’m done with that group.


Same thing happened to me. No matter how nice you are to her she still makes a effort to come off real rude like if that’s her life mission.
In every email I said please and thank you and she still continued to be cold and unhelpful and I have thick skin. Not much bothers me but her intent to belittle people shows I wasn’t the only one. My signing was in April. Got paid end of July after about 8-12 emails.

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I had the same experience with her and it took me months to finally get paid. I won’t accept work from her anymore. Right now she is the only one on my “blacklist.”

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Similar experience. I did a small signing for her (one of my first, actually). And after 60 days I sent her an email asking what was going on. She responded within 30 minutes and apologized. I got the check in the mail 4 days later. Don’t know about “Fletcher”, the surname I know is McCloud.

Fletcher and McCloud are the same person I feel sure.

I tell companies.my invoice is due in /within 15 days …im paid by three signing companies that way now
It happens to be the way the pay anyway.
Any body taking me past 25 days…
i tell them there is a 3 percent surcharge…after 30 its 5%
There is no reason to drag us along …any work we did is reviewed and funded within a few days
So what gives them the right to hold our money 10-plus days ?or longer.?
Anybody being rude about it …gets it right back
I’ve only done about 250 signing this year so far. No errors
No problems …im not waiting for my money
Title companies and banks have told me they pay weekly and bi weekly
No reason for anybody to wait longer then that

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I had the same experience! Did a closing for her in August and didn’t get paid until January! Angie had a bunch of excuses - she had been in the hospital; she was sure it had been sent; it must have been lost in the mail; etc.

Every time I contacted her about payment ( I did 3 or 4 for her) her first knee jerk response was to say it had been sent already, usually a day or 2 before my email to her. I know how electronic payments work, and that’s not it. lol I gave her the benefit of the doubt for some time, but now I that I’ve gotten my last payment owed, I won’t be working for her any longer. Not worth my time or trouble, to have to beg for money I earned, and certainly not worth waiting over 45 business days, which equates to about 6 weeks after having to ask for it more than once. My thoughts on the whole matter, ‘live and learn’.