Question about Coast to Coast Signing Agency

Hello All,

I haven’t done much for this company, and very seldom see do I see any opportunities too. However, when I do see an opportunity to work with them it seems as though every assignment they offer is $30. Weather it is a modification, refi, or just getting anything signed. I would like to know has anyone had any experience working with this company and do they respond to negotiations, because I have negotiated a couple of times in the patand have never heard of any feedback from them. I’ve even heard that they have stated that if anyone negotiated with them that they would take them off of their list. Can anyone provide me any feedback regarding this company?


There fees are low I would counter offer for a higher fee.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher fee! They won’t take you off the list, but you’ll rarely get a job as some fool will take it cheap. But you’re not getting anything now, so what do you have to lose by countering with a PROFITABLE amount? Every now & then, it works.


I know right, its such an insult!


Thank you! I really appreciate your insight :grin:

They are a JOKE!!! Dont do it. Your worth more.
I cut these fools out a ling time ago…they make $300 from title companies and give notaries $25-$30…Notaries new or not shoukd NOT support them.


I’ve done a couple of jobs for them recently and negotiated both up to $100. Their payment policy is “Payment made by email w/digital check within 37 days from signing date on Friday.” The first job went over 37 days but they issued payment the same day as I called to inquire - and apologized. So far, not so bad to deal with.

Yes, thank you so much. Have a great day!

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Noticing comments below I’m not so nice. C2C just plain sucks with lowball offers. Recently received email regarding new CEO for SnapDocs. I sent comment back stating I will be impressed when SnapDoc stops broadcasting lowball fees. Until that happens they are pond scum.


Yes, I accepted a signing for HELOC not realizing it was a HELOC and she called me to confirm and told me it was a HELOC and I’d need an office and I said well I’m going to need more money and she said oh you must not be familiar with our signings because we only pay I think she said $75….I’m like do you know I get paid $175-$200 for that type of signing and then I asked her questions that she couldn’t answer and said she would call me back with answers but never heard anything after that which was fine because I didn’t want it anymore. Definitely low ball fees at C2C.


Must have been a Texas HELOC.

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The loan mods they offer for a$30. Fee are totally lo ball bs
I get $75.+ from title companies direct.
I usually ignore c2c
If something is 10 min away i negotiate for my fair fee 1% of the time…i never get it .but dont care
99% i ignore them
Lisa Bittner is the owner…
Whats unfortunate is the newbies who take the job thinking it helps them .
C2c banks alot of $ on that mistake


** STAY AWAY FROM Coast2Coast**
I receive texts often from Coast2Coast and they are always sending ridiculously low offers. They sent me offer for a Cashout for $75. I’m in Texas and it cost between $50-.$65 to rent space to conduct the closing. I sent them a fair counter offer and was sent back an even more disrespectful offer. I was never interested in the assignment because of all of the bad reviews from YouTube to Facebook. And all say the same that Coast2Coast offer low offers, and you will have to chase and threatened to get paid.


They are definitely on the low side! I haven’t completed a signing with them.

I refuse to close any loans for them. They underpay and getting paid takes 60-90 days. I won’t take any closings for them now.


Exactly right. I agree 100% with all of this. I’ve had the same experience and now refuse to take closings from them.


100% agree and I refuse all their closings or offer outrageous counter offers knowing I won’t get it!!!

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Wow, that is shameful. I often suggest a counter offer o them but they never get back to me so someone is taking these low ball offers. I often hear bad reviews from YouTube about them too.


Coast2Coast MH, AR $100.00
Coast2Coast Norfork, AR $100.00
Coast2Coast SD MH, AR $0.00
Coast2Coast SD MH, AR $80.00
Coast2Coast SD MH, AR $100.00
Coast2Coast SD MH, AR $75.00
Coast2Coast SD MH, AR $100.00
Coast2Coast SD Norfork, AR $0.00
Coast2Coast-SoCal MH, AR $75.00
The -0- were canceled. The below 100 were also 10 pages or less.
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OH Wow, they often send out modification to us in SC for $30. that why I haven’t accepted them.