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Hi I received a call for a Notary and the client asked for a quote over the telephone. I gave them a price and then they emailed me completely different instructions and number of pages. Im curious whether anyone else has had this experience with High Tech Lending or


Samura, I’m not familiar with either of those companies, but I do have a general rule I follow and suggest to others.

When I receive a phone call and the conversation leads to them hiring me to do a job, I always send what I call a confirmation of the confirmation. In that, I state what I agreed to be paid for what work and what I expect them to do.

What I require from them includes providing the instructions, type of closing, and range of pages they said were involved in the project for which I made the quote. If it is not, then they will be contacted to renegotiate or I will cancel.

Maybe that will help next time.

AMERICANSenior .A.K.A HITECH lending are a reverse mortgage / hecm lender.

I worked with them in past. The signer refused. They paid me $75 as trip and print fee
On my second assignment , they offered $125, but accepted my fee of $150 for HECM application.

Signer refused to sign parts of HECM application that he said did not agree to what was told over phone. Called the LO & the signer had his conversation.

Now I will await my fee and post an update.

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No, and I never will.