Question? About Title angency

How does one go about opening a title company!

Check with the regulatory agency/department which oversees title companies in your state - you may need to be an attorney to do so (state-dependent).

Unless you mean a signing service.

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I am working on a dual track for starting an abstract and title production practice. Where I live you have to pass a test to sell title insurance and I believe this is true for all jurisdictions. Once you pass the test you can then reach out to the underwriters/insurance companies to apply to become a producer for them. The state regulatory agency for insurance in your state likely can point you on the right path. Then you should also check into abstractor requirements. This also requires passing a knowledge based test and using a guide here in Nebraska from the state bar association. Here I have two options, one is to work for a company and the other is to open your own title and abstract. I am chosing option B and have started the process to form a LLC. Once I am done, I apply to the state to register as an abstractor and title insurance producer and then hope the market stays decent. But I will have a few other endeavors like signings, other insurance offerings and safe package insurance and financial products. I hope this helps and encourages!