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Question: I had to turn down a signing bc it required fax backs and I don’t have a home phone for my Brother business 2 tray printer. Is there another way or having a home phone is best? Thanks for input


'‘faxbacks’ is now generally meant to be either scanned & uploaded to their website–best, if available OR sent as an e-mail attachment IF they provide an e-mail addy for this. FWIW: I haven’t ‘faxed’ anything in over 10 years…but the outdated terminology still exists.


Ok :wave:t5:, thank you so much Arichter, appreciate cha. Learning experience.

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In addition to what Arichter, said there is also an app you can scan and upload your docs. I use both Genius Scan and Adobe which are both free. The app lets you scan and upload your docs to the lender.


Thank you so much for this valuable information.

Thank you. The wording was a bit confusing.

Please don’t ever try to fax something back! Yikes! That process takes way too long! Scan back is the way to go! Also, be sure to divide in sections to ensure that the receiver is able to receive the documents! Lastly, check to make sure it looks good before sending! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes ma’am. Thank u much, it’s a bit hard when u are a newbie. It seems no one wants to work with us. Will continue to plug in.

You are most welcome! I would like you to make a list of all your great qualities and sell that to people! You are not new to reading and writing! You have an advantage of being new to the business, because you won’t assume that things should be a certain way! Your newness is your greatest strength, because you are going to make sure things are correct! Take advantage of all the you tube videos on how to do things! Then sell the concept to potential clients that you continue to educate yourself! You care which is another strength! If you keep smiling then your confidence will out shine your concerns! I believe you will be successful! You Got This! Make your money!!!


Inspiring :relaxed::relaxed: gems, thank you with care and appreciation.

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Of course! You are going to do really well! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been doing closings for 10+ years and have never had to fax documents. I’ve never owned personally a fax machine. As far as I know faxbacks always imply and include the option to scanback PDF with a scanner.

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Thank you, being a new NSA, the wording confused me a bit. Input appreciated, thank u much.

Generally fax back means to scan the docs and then attach the scan to an email to send to title or SS I don’t have a landline either so I never “fax” docs.

I did have a signing the other day that required actual fax backs to the lender (had a phone number to send to, actual fax backs.) I got hired through a signing company that required scanbacks. I called the company and asked if I needed to do both scan and fax. They said they usually do require fax, but since I had scanned into signing company platform, I could just double check docs and drop at UPS. Hope this helps.