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Hi all,

This is probably a stupid question but this is my first time using

I got an assignment, it is just an ALTA signing because it was not included in original signing with the customer.

The document is 2 pages, when I print it as uploaded (fit to printable area), there are file numbers very small in the bottom, along with print date, etc. If I print to actual size, the file number is not there and the print is much larger and easier to read.

Which format should I have the borrower sign?

Thank you in advance!

Print in legal size and confirm that the numbers at the bottom are there and legible. Not a good idea to shrink to fit paper sizes.


Click the box that states “choose paper source by PDF size.” If it still comes out jacked up, then they sent it to you jacked up. Hope this helps!

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Thank you everyone. I just wasn’t sure if the file # needed to be on the signed document. I went ahead and printed it legal size and it came out larger with the file #. I couldn’t find “choose paper source by PDF size” must be my printer??

Its an option in your PDF viewer software you use, not your printer. If you have a dual tray printer, you have to designate which tray has legal and letter size through your printer settings. If you only have one tray, then you have to swap out paper (unfortunately).

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Thanks again for your responses. This was my first assignment. Nice that it was an easy one. I learned I need to have a better relationship with my printer and scanner. I haven’t had them long and I had a big fight with them. I won, but it took a couple rounds. I do have to hand feed legal paper, which I didn’t realize when I bought the printer. Live and learn!

Learning to use the dashboard on signing order was new for me also, it’s simple enough but I was a little stressed making sure I did everything correctly.

It’s very reassuring to have you all here to help so THANK YOU!

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Aw, shucks, little lady. Weren’t nuthin’.

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