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Hi everyone I’m a notary for over 20 years and I’ve worked at a bank for over 30 years but I’m not working there any longer and decided to try the notary signing agent as a side job. I’ve got my self pretty well set up and I’ve taken two small loan modification so far which seem to be very simple idea to do a refi or a purchase or even a home equity loan but I have three scheduled in the next few days. The thing is I’m in New York I’m not really sure about these fees the loan modifications all came in low at $40 and I renegotiated them for 60. I really don’t have a baseline for what a home-equity loan or a refi should be. I just got a text on my phone from a company that asked me if I was available cable price of $75 and when it said type all it said was small package I have no idea what that means so I put back 90 and I haven’t heard from them. I guess my question is is everything that’s the snap docs sourced signings open to negotiate higher or should I be taking some of them as is. I know this is a lot of information lol but I have one more quick question do I have to buy a scanner I mean I just spent almost 400 and something dollars on a brother printer but it’s just a laser printer not at all in one. Should I buy a smaller mobile scanner for about one 50 or 200 is it worth it I really don’t wanna spend another $400 on a brother scanner

Most of these signing companies charge upwards of $350 per closing to title companies. So you think $50 or even $125 is good enough for most of the work “You” do ?

Please please I beg you. Do not subject yourself to such abuse:(. These people want you to drive to their clients on expensive gas, print the documents probably twice maybe scam back I don’t care if it is only a mile from your house for $40? I’m angry just looking at that fee:( :rage:


Go get yourself an Epson ES-300WR scanner if you want to do scan-back. But please do not do it for free. If I do scan-back they’re paying for basically another full fee just like another loan signing. Believe me the NSAs who are making six figures do not take those kind of low fees ever. You better establish your worth right away!

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Getting started can be daunting. Please don’t give up. Im in Illinois and the fee across the board is $1. The thing that I wished I would have checked is the notary fees for signatures/jurats/signatures etecera. So imaging being here where a refi can have about 10-17 signatures. Unlike California where the fee is $10 or $15 per signature. where the average “package” standard can be $100 and up.

What you have to understand is, although your per notarization fee is only $1, when doing a loan signing you are charging for far more services than just the notarizations. You’re charging for printing, prep time, travel time round trip, table time, scanback time, package dropoff travel time and mileage - basically all the other “business” fees that go into running the business, including federal and state taxes. If you’re basing your fees on only the number of notarizations you are sorely undercutting yourself. Re-think your business plan


I do understand and know the value of my time & work, and I’ve learned what the minimum loan signing I can work for from a SS. With that being said, Florida has a minimum per ack/jurats, etc at minimum $10 comparable to $1. SS’s here are aware of that and in my opinion use that as leverage to keep rates low if not lower than most areas. As result of this, I took the direct market much quicker than most.

Ever wonder why the all the six figures testimonies and newly started SS’s s are mostly in FL, CA, NV, and a few others. There is a direct correlation to state directed notary fees and rate offered, no doubt about that.

I’m not so sure - here my state-allowed fee is $10/notarial act - and I still got the ridiculous low fee offers even though the package was well worth $120-$180 in notary fees alone.

I’m confused. A lot of responses talk about how much per notarial act…when the offer comes in you have no clue how many are in the package. It barely describes the type. Modification, refi, Heloc


The jobs I bid on have a minimum fee of $75, $85 for scanbacks. I hear what you are saying, but if I refuse a $75 or a $50 job, for that matter, and offer to do it for a higher amount, then there’s another notary out there who will gladly accept it…therefore, I am basically fighting a losing battle…unless we start a NSA union.


I was referring to the $40 closing fee that someone mentioned on here. If your market only allowed for $75-$85 range then try to get at least 6-7 secured a day but always negotiate every single one of them.
In regard to union, I don’t like it. It reminds me of socialism or communism. I don’t believe in forcing an individual or a company to do anything. I believe in freedom to choose and compete in all we do. Competition is good for the business. It is good for life in general. Competition will lead us to rethink and re-strategize our ways to success.


Fee negotiation is an art: some notaries have an inner instinct and they make fee increases look easy. I feel it comes with experience and practice. That having been said, a signing service when you ask too high always says they have to ask title. So, I always ask a little. $75 can easily be $90 or $95. I don’t think they will go $125 on their own, unless there is a challenge and their back is up against a timeline wall, or a previous notary or previous notaries have jumped ship on them.

As to scanner: you need one. Try Facebook Marketplace. Or eBay. Mine is an Epson ES300WR. The one I would love to get is a Fujutsu ScanSnap.


Omg thats what I said yesterday to my husband. These signing services are taking advantage and that’s not right. Doing loan packages as low as $40 with scanbacks WHAT!!!
NSA Union…it just might be.


Hello Sue I also live in NY-Queens. If you are trying to get a couple of signing under your belt and the signings are close you should take them. Those $40 mods are a great start for you 1 notarization very easy.

Thank you yes I did. But these are now Heloc’s coming from citizen. They’re close but 50 for a
Heloc?? Is that normal ?

Are you saying the borrowers are contacting you directly?

No from companies. The bank is Citizens bank. I don’t know how big their packages are and they’re offering 50 for Heloc

Ah…okay…thank you. IMO yes, too low.

You can counter but make sure you have some signing under your belt. Those Helocs from citizens are only 2 notarization. I do them on a regular with citizens.

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I agree. No one should joint a union, or be forced to do so.

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