Rai’s Mobile Notary Services

Has anyone done business with this company?

Hi, i was just reached out to complete a signing for them. Did you end up working with them?

I did. They require you to pay for the FedEx label up front. They send payment right away. Good experience, they only paid me $50 though.

What?! You paid for a Fedex label out of pocket in order to do the signing? Maybe I’m reading it wrong :woman_shrugging:t5:

Yes I paid out of pocket and they reimbursed me as soon as I sent them a photo copy of the receipt.

I’m glad they reimbursed you. I personally wouldn’t have agreed to that but I know we all run our business our own way. Good Luck to you!

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Companies get a significant discount from FedEx and UPS for shipping costs - no way would I have agreed to that either. You’re lucky you got reimbursed.

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For the future you may want to set up a FedEx business account. I have only had to use it once but you get a major discount on shipping. If my memory serves me correct it was something like 50-60% at the time I used it.