Random Adorable Moment

Had a Refi last night for a couple with a 3-4 year old named Sarah. She was little-kid active so I pulled out the DollarTree Stickers that I keep in my bag and handed them to her with the spare copy of the shipping label. She was so happy that she made me some art with it!

“Mommy, I wanna give this to the maaannn…” she said very quietly into her mom’s armpit while holding the paper out to me. So adorable! Mom put her name on it.


That’s awesome! Great idea!

Awwww. Love love love it

Don’t you love your job? :heart_eyes:

That is the cutest think. You should frame that and hang it in your office to remind you of days like that.

Well that’ll get you some dates on this forum…

Huh??? I’m confused……
How did you get the “dates” comment from a child’s adorable art?

I guess they are saying a man that obviously loves kids and can keep them entertained is marriage material for other single notaries on this forum… lol