Rate reduction for corrections

Does anyone know if its even legal for signing companies to arbitrarily reduce your contracted signing fee for mistakes?
I have noticed that XOME signings started to do this for minor mistakes that were corrected immediately and did not delay anything. It seems to me that unless they explicitly say in some kind of agreement that that is how they would penalize mistakes and I agreed to it that it cant be legal for them to do this.

I don’t know the law on this, but recently I had a signing service email me that they would not be paying my fee as I did not follow instructions. I was not told at hiring that they needed faxbacks. They gave me a client that delayed his signing for 3 days. If it was now a rush, they should have informed me that it was urgent to receive the faxed docs. Cohesion Signing Service is not so Cohesive!

J, I recently had an experience with them that ended poorly. My assignment was an estate sale and I had a correction when I forgot to place my stamp one page. When Title identified this, they asked for me to correct and upload thorugh the signing service web portal. After I had completed this upload and the correction was reviewed, title asked for the corrected page to be ovenighted. I fully expected for the title company to provide the new authorization for overnight shipping however they refused to provide for a new overnight shipment. I was instructed to send this document at the earliest by both title and the signing service using my business UPS account and I obliged them howver I advised them that they would be responsible for the additional overnight charge. I provided the copy of the costs and added the shipping total to my fee. I heard nothing in disoute to the addition until I received and electronic check check for my base fee only without the added shipping costs.I immediately rejected this payment and then confronted title regarding the short payment. Title said that the shipping costs would have to paid frm the signing service, so I contacted them, Cohession at first denied that they had received the notice of additional charge which I refutted show the email train and text conversation. They then reverted to to claiming then additional shipping cost are at the signing agents expense and they pointed to their terms and condistions being spelled out. I have reviewed and also had my legal peers review these T&C’s for confirmation and verified that no such provision exists. I have pointed this out to to Cohesion and thus decline to pay for the shipping. Currently, I am still attempting to collect both the origianl fee and receover the shipping cost.