Real Estate Deed Seller asking for notary's driver id

I have a client come to me, she’s the seller in selling her property In Philadelphia to an investment company ( a flipper ).
she was given a deed document from her buyer, it’s not a standard agreement of sales. On the cover page of the deed, the seller says need driver license of the notary.

I didn’t provide that to her because no nearby shops are open for the coronavirus situation.

Nevertheless we still proceed to the signing and seals.

Is it legit to ask for notary’s id?
I can show her but it’s the buyer that need a photo copy of my id and they are in philly not in MD and she’s going to mail it back with the deed.

Hi, I am in Washington. I wear gov’t issued ID on a lanyard to show a client my ID before I enter their home, but certainly would not give them a copy of it. I also carry a copy of my notary commission and business license if they felt like they needed to verify qualifications and I would also only show upon request, but would never provide a copies of either.

You could suggest the requester look up your notary credential on the state notary commission. I wasn’t sure if you said you are in Philadelphia or Maryland, so there are the links to both:

I think asking for photocopy of your drivers license is weird. Showing your photo ID and a copy of your notary commission should suffice. If she/he was just asking for your commission number, that’s already on your notary stamp. I have seen forms going so far as to ask specific details of my notary insurance. And that’s a HARD NO for me, too. Yes, I have insurance, but no, you’re not getting it. That’s the sort of thing I expect a signing company to request when you first start working with them, but not average Jane Homebuyer or Joe Homeseller.

Curious how other notaries approach this.:ear:

I can “sort of” understand the folks we meet with wanting ID for their own comfort - but all they do is SEE my license - I do not allow anyone to copy it nor would I provide a copy of my license to anyone.

When I used to sign up with companies they would require it - I made a copy and heavily redacted it.

No, I would not provide a copy of my ID - my commission, sure - not my ID.

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