Realtors notarize their own sales/refis

I’m in Des Moines and finding that most realtors and lenders are notaries. They sign and notarize their own closings. Wondering if that is legal?


Most lenders do have notaries just for that purpose - to notarize their own documents/paperwork/transactions and it’s okay. Realtors have a financial interest so many times it’s frowned upon, depending on state ethics laws.

I know in CT, attorneys are also Commissioners of the Superior Court and as such can notarize the documents associated with the loans they close.

Very state specific ethical issue.

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A serious conflict of interest if this is what is happening. They risk losing their realtor license and their notary commission.


Like LindaH-FL said.
Who would wanna risk losing their hard-earned licenses to keep notary fees?

Common sense, conflict of interest. They should NOT be notarizing something that stand to gain from!