Received disturbing phone call from a Stewart Title employee today

I received a very disturbing call today, from a man who said his name was {Name Removed - Keeping the post Professional}. He called me at 8:25am cst from {Number Redacted} which read Stewart Title on my cell phone. He asked me a personal question about an nsa forum. I advised him that any discussion about that may affect my business relationship with Stewart Title, and that I was uncomfortable with the conversation. He then stated that it didn’t matter what I said, in that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure that I don’t work for any of Stewart Titles’ clients.

It’s very disturbing to receive such a call, a first for me, from such a hateful and malicious employee who would go out of their way to hurt another individual’s livelihood. I’m a stranger to him, I don’t know him personally. Why would he do this? I can only think of one thing, and its because he is an evil sob.

Just wanted to put this out there in case any other peer of mine receives the same phone call.

I’m going to seriously think about recording my conversations on my cell phone.

Cross posted on several social media outlets and nsa forums.

This is very disturbing. I sent you a private message, but I don’t think it went through.

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My only comment here is it’s obvious they’re following the forums…and maybe keeping a lower profile would be a prudent move. IMO, even this post is not going to reflect well on you - yes it’s very disturbing to you, but you don’t know that the person was just an employee. Can’t explain why, but that name is very familiar to me…I would tread very carefully if I were you.

Social media can be a wonderful thing, a great marketing tool and a fabulous way to make and maintain connections - but it can also be one’s downfall if not used carefully. Sometimes biting one’s tongue (fingers) is the best way to go.

I don’t believe title employees have the luxury of time, that most NSA’s have nowadays due to the lack of work, to peruse the nsa forums. But who knows. This guy asked very specific questions and there was more discussed than I posted. He was obviously “fed” this information he repeated to me.

He is an employee from ST, how else would my contact number come up with the name of the company? I’m not talking about the number coming up on caller id, but my actual ST phone contact that I’ve had listed in my phone for years.

As far as your comments as to how this post is “not going to reflect well on you”,… seriously? I should then shut-up and lay low for what? To let the bullies win? Are you kidding me?! Don’t you know me at all in that I don’t scare easily and certainly do not give a shit what those old hag haters say about me? I certainly do not understand how you can stomach 101 and her Golden Girl crew. That site has gone to shit, and the site owners are letting her do it. You know all of this Linda because once again, they recently jumped all over you when you replied to one of her posts she knows it belongs in the LE forum. I’ve said it before, and will continue to have this opinion, but that other nsa forum I used to be on, has let that entire website go, and ultimately does not care about its paying premium members at all. Their LACK of leadership and commitment to improving the site or even enforcing its own rules on bullying, etc., has been obvious for years.

Getting back to the topic, IF this guy actually gave me his real name, he’s even a bigger idiot than I thought. He’s already made the mistake by calling me from his work number…he’ll eventually get caught. It’s already being worked on.

This whole thing really bothers me.

Social media is important, but not so much that we should not be able to openly discuss issues in our profession.

I don’t know what the original conversation was, but there is a difference between saying, “XXX Company has not been paying me despite repeated attempts,” or “XXX Company did this today (like here),” than “XXX Company is a bag of rotten bones who belongs in a grave.”

Not even that latter example should be followed by someone getting such a phone call, but the company not giving them any more work might be warranted.

That phone call from the person at Stewart Title was highly inappropriate, disturbing, and he threatened her.

He threatened her.

That took awhile to sink in when I read it.

Linda, doesn’t that phone call strike you as a little odd? Did you see the conversation in question?

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It was a phone call I don’t wish anyone to receive. Its no wonder that NSAs are not respected, when you have schedulers from reputable title companies, acting like their Gods over us and then acting like bullies themselves.

I didn’t deserve that phone call no matter what the circumstances were, you’re right about that Susan.

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Don’t know all the circumstances so I’m not going to comment one way or the other.

No I did not - can only guess - and that’s another one of the reasons I’m not going to continue. Personally, I don’t think this should have been brought to the forum to begin with - this is something that should have been ironed out between the OP and the company management privately…but that’s just me.

Now, I started my first response with “my only comment here” - and I guess I broke that…but I truly am not going to continue to contribute to this discussion. I’ve said all I can say with the limited knowledge I have of the situation.

Okay. Thanks for your response to me.

I guess you also believe that sexual harassment should not be brought to light on any social media or forum either? That these horrible events should remain between the abuser and the victim huh? Uh no.

My point, ANY type of harassment should not be hidden away or buried deep inside or from the public by any victim, and should be if not MUST be dealt with head on and swift. Its hard for some, but obviously not me. I believe in exposing this particular coward in the hopes that he does get caught. .

Also, does it really matter Linda if this guy was not “just an employee”? Who cares, he’s still a bully and abuser, and will get caught.

This old school way of thinking, keeping low profile, etc., truly doesn’t work for me, nor in dealing with serious subjects such as this one, in today’s society.

I agree with you 100 % Carrie. It’s about time that all of us in this profession started to speak up.


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