Recording fees

i was asked by a lender to record a 2 page deed. I agreed … no problem. Lender was going to pay me extra plus the recording fee. I have never in 25+ years of real estate and signings to have recorded a deed. I looked up on the court house website to see what the cost was I saw $10 per page. I never realized that the fee to record was based on propery value. When I called the lender to let him know of the cost he said to write a check or put the $550 fee on my credit card and he would pay me. There was no way i want going to do either. I had figured if he ripped me off for $20 then I was out $20 and lesson learned. But not $550. This lender stated that he does this with lots of notaries, Signing company said they never heard of that. Has anyone ever done that?

I’ve recorded many Deeds and they’ve always sent a check payable to the County for both the Recording of Deed & Transfer Tax fee–the latter is what increases the cost dramatically. To answer your actual question–have never seen or heard of such an idea and, heck, no, would never front them even a dime.

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Never heard of this in 28 years that I’ve been an notary / LSA

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