Red flag experience of struggle by top law firm to pay my notary invoice


UPDATE: The firm read my email quoted below and agreed to FedEx a check overnight!

PLEASE NOTE: After 12 years in business serving San Francisco, I’ve never had any trouble getting paid for my direct mobile notary business services, customers have been mostly enthusiastic to provide timely payment upon completion of services to their business and/or law firm. Customers are usually very excited and grateful for my mobile services to their location!

It seems a law firm’s satellite office in San Francisco is allegedly (and/or pretending to be) struggling to pay its bills putting them on a 45 day processing time. I’m talking failure to pay based on an oral contractual agreement made over the phone when booking an appointment to meet at an attorney’s residence for 23 signatures requiring affixing certificates! It was a cold breezy winter day working in the attorney’s open door garage after I denied meeting in their windy back yard to perform the work.

The firm’s paralegal coordinator never made any disclosure of such long delays and I would have never provided services under such delayed circumstances! I figure, if they have to delay payment, they may not pay at all. In fact I was falsely led to believe a credit card would likely be provided so I had no worries whatsoever. However, I was later told a check would be sent instead after my electronic invoice was ignored.

After 14 days of waiting for a check in the mail, I was never updated at any point the wait time would be 45 days to get a check sent me from Georgia! I had to send another email to receive that information the firm decided to not pay me for a very long time without any notification. This is a top law firm in business since the late 19th Century!

“Your firm is the only one in 12 years in this business since 2009 that has blown me off this way disregarding an oral contract as frivolous it can’t pay based on the terms I presented to it over the phone prior to my agreeing to provide mobile services to the firm’s attorney at her home location.” - Mobile Notary Publilc

This law firm is also participating in mandating vaccinations of its employees in San Francisco as well as any visitors to its office space. Must prove vaccination, mask isn’t enough! This law firm appears deeply inebriated in COVID issues possibly using as an excuse to delay payments. Law firms aren’t really affected in my opinion because they use ZOOM and home office situations for hourly charges. The legal profession isn’t suffering at all over COVID except a shortage of notary publics due to their employees remaining as home workers. They seem to be manufacturing excuses to withhold payment in my humble opinion.

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Find the names for the principle attorneys and contact their State Bar Association(s). Many State Bars have rules regarding practice integrity.


Thanks for the tip but mentioning contract law issues did the trick and they overnighted a check.


You found the Right button to push. Good Job! :+1:

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Good job! They didn’t need to put you through all that though.

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