Refi documents

How does one handle this situation?
The documents have the borrower’s maiden name on all signature lines, she has not been known as that in a while, she is now married and has her husband’s last name. Can she still sign the documents? If so, how will she sign? The name is i.e. Jane Smith, but her maiden name is Jane Black.

Can someone please respond with their expert opinion.

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Could she sign: Jane Black, aka Jane Smith?

My opinion? Check w/ hiring party - I think a re-draw is needed, especially since you say she has not been known by that name in a long time. Before you go through the work of printing and going there, let hiring party decide what they want to do - I’d bet they’ll re-draw the package along with adding a Quit Claim Deed or some other form to reconcile the change in name (I love CT - they have a Certificate of Change of Name that can be signed and recorded - specifically to fix these issues).

Your hiring party/title is the only one who can answer this for you

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There is no question what I’d do in this scenario => Check directly with the hiring party and request their instructions in writing. This way you’ll have a print out to take with you to the signing appointment and thus, the signer can follow their instructions specifically.

At the time of reaching out to the hiring party, I would suggest a redraft of the docs. Remember though that it’s always their call.

As everyone else suggested, call the hiring company. Usually this is a redraw but this depends on the lender. I’ve had some (not many though) tell me to cross out and write in the correct name, then have the borrower initial the correction however title will need to draw a grant deed (in CA-other states use quit claims, etc) in order to change the DT. As a former escrow officer, I also know that counties can be touchy about handwritten changes on the DT-they want the corrected name typed and initialed.

Basically, it is a pain, lol!