Refi (Investment

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Lately I have been receiving a few hits for Refi (Investment) from a company by the name of Vylla Title.
I am still new so I am assuming The Investment is maybe a refi on an investment property. Can someone confirm and maybe provide some insight on how they may differ from a standard refi packet? Also does anyone have knowledge on this company?

Thanks for the continued support from this forum.

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They have 2 reviews on BBB neither were good…


No experience with the company, but if it’s a residential refi of an investment property, just a heads up - package will probably be just like your standard owner-occupied residential refi but there will be no rescission period - no NORTC - and scanbacks will most probably be required immediately as it’s same-day funding (no waiting the 3 days).There may also be some other forms in there, especially if it’s a multi-family home. Just review the package closely so you’re comfortable with what you’re getting signed.

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Yes, I’ve done many closings for Vylla Title (through Signature Closers). Package is the same as a Refi with the exception of a couple things. No Right to Cancel, and Occupancy Affidavit will have different boxes checked. If its rented, a 1-4 Dwelling Rider will be on the mortgage.


Thanks. Now that I know I won’t have to much apprehension on taking one when it comes around again

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To start investing in Refi, you must learn all the rules and subtleties.