Registering with Signing Services

What does it mean to be “Fidelity Approved?” or “FNF”? I have run across this in 3 different places. What do you have to do to get “approved”?


You have to jump thru a number of hoops … including an NNA background check/certification, and authorization to release information.

Fidelity requires their own tests be passed, supposedly before you can conduct closings for them. Dunno. Never took any test, do lots of Fidelity closes.

Think it’s mostly a willingness to have your full background check report in multiple locations & sign their release.
Got fnf-approved in March, but then had to send all my info again to some SS who had to have an fnf-approved notary for a specific job. BancServ is Fidelity-owned, but (weird) they have ‘their own list’ and if they need an fnf-approved notary… send it all again! I never took a test. In all honesty, I am not very impressed by being Fidelity-approved. Seems to me that it has done nothing but expose my NPPI in more places than I think necessary. I also did a lot of Fidelity signings before being approved.

I recently signed up with them. I had to fill out a related checklist of understanding and sign it. They accepted my NNA background