Rejected package?

Hi All,

I am fairly new to this line of work and by far I have completed two signings that are from the same lender. We’ve all been in the same boat when we do our first signing as we know it can be nerve-racking. I am curious about mistakes: if we were to make a mistake, will we be informed of the mistake? Such as, accidently signing on the “closing agent” signature line.

Will the lender reject the documents and make us aware of it?

My first signing I accidently signed on the line and I acknowledge that I am not suppose to (depending on the content), and I am just curious if they would make me aware of that or any other mistakes that may have raised (if any).


If you make a serious mistake, trust me–you’ll hear about it! You’ll rarely, if ever, be told about minor, easily fixed by them, errors nor will you ever hear ‘Great job…no errors’. So, no news is good news.


Perfect, thank you for the response. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed. Also, if you accidentally sign in an area, they’ll likely replace the page and pitch your mistake. The thing to worry about is missing signatures from signers, dates that could be misread (I have signers fix any date and initial if date isn’t clearly legible) and any missing notarial info. Watch for the initials throughout packages, signing letters of explanation “LOX”, etc. Just a few if my newbie mistakes😉. Always better to review at the table, if anxiety gets the best of you, be sure to check again before scanning or dropping. Its better to find and fix mistakes/omissions before sending them back😉