Reliable Notaries / Richard Negrillo

Anyone use Reliable Notaries ? 55 days and still no Payment

On the FB group Notary Reviews, they have a rating of 1. They are non-payers. On SC they have a 2.5 rating. If you’re interested in becoming a member of that group, let me know. Send me a FB message. Its a private, secret group NOT open to the public.

Also, I’d start contacting the TC and see if they’ll pay you as you chances are great you won’t receive any payment.

But if you do, let us know.

Received payment on 2 signings today. One to go!

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Seems to me that they’re payment policy is 60 days out, huh?

I am still waiting for payment from RN. I have emailed and called over the past three months. My assignment was October 26th of 2017.

I am not impressed with the Richard Negrillo. It took an act of congress to get paid. I would not recommend you work with him unless you like to haggle for payment.

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Keep on him! After he was 30 days past due I would text him weekly until I was paid. I think the last payment eventually took 90+ days. Don’t take jobs from him!

I used to get paid really good from him then by June he owed me 550 dollars, he had an excuse for every payment he owed me, he got behind because he was getting married and then he got sick. It took several text back and fourth and telling him i was going to send him to collections and I finally got paid byDecember of 2017!! And he still owed me 50 so I wrote it off, I will not work for him again, besides I have not heard back from him since he paid me, I would stay away from him!!

I have done 2 signings for him. He’s paid me within 60 days for both. He’s even printed and mailed me docs when my printer was down. I have enjoyed working with him.

No payment from him 4/18 & 4/30 2018.
Emails get bounced back, put message on website & no response. His phone I had has been disconnected.
Can anyone here help?

My next step is to inform Attorney Generals in both states and the IRS.

About a month after my post, I did a job for him. Found he was having financial difficulties and couldn’t pay me. I wrote it off and moved on.

I wouldn’t accept anymore closings since he’s “allegedly” having financial difficulties. Unless a SS owner has at least 20g’s in the bank to pay its bills which includes NSAs, they are most likely going to go under. Most TC pay SS monthly, which is why SS pay out at 30, 45 or longer. Seems as if one of his TC clients is not paying him. Its not unheard of TCs not paying its bills. I hope he pays everyone he owes.

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