Reliable Notaries

Hello all,

Has anyone worked with reliable notaries? Richard… I completed a
loan for them a week ago, very smooth process. was told pay is net 20. Agreed pay
very fair…
any feed-back will be great.


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I suggest you sign up at Notary Rotary so you will get access to Signing Central and the forums. Always check before accepting an assignment.

Here is what they say regarding Reliable Notaries.

Here are a bunch of conversations on them back to 2014.

Sadly, the scuttlebutt is that they do not pay.

I have read… I hope I don’t have to take drastic measures with this guy…

Thanks so much for the info.

I have worked with Reliable Notaries - Richard Negrillo. It was a Cash Call. Not only do they not pay but he is arrogant. I can’t see why they are still in business or even who is giving him the business. I did two signings for Reliable and it’s been 2 years. No pay. I hit a little slump (because of people like Richard) but I am now in the position to take him to court. I’ve sent several emails and letters and they say that I must have misplaced the check. Not true. I asked them to send me a copy of the check they sent and they can’t. I’m in a better position now. Richard and Cash Call will hear from me.

Oh man, why do there have to be people who take advantage of notaries. It really pays us to do our research so we don’t get stiffed. If a company changes and starts to not pay, then we need to let others know.

Thank you Thedra,
AFTER… I completed the signing, I found all kinds of negative info on the Co and Richard Negrillo
I was promised pay within 3 weeks… Ill wait one more week. I no thing then Ill start calling him and whoever else will listen.

Thank you

I’ve called him so many times over the 2 years. He always refers me to his payables department (his brother). He plays games and is not an honest person at all. I’ve sent invoices, letters, made calls and no success. That is why I find the need to take him to court and contact Cash Call to let them know that even though they pay him he does not pay his notaries. If you get results that would be a miracle. Good luck…I feel your frustration.

Yes, I did a job for them and has Not been paid. I got tired of texting and calling Richard… They are using us for free!

People need to start collection proceedings.

Hey all,
Just an update on my story with Reliable Notaries, Richard Negrillo. after a few calls to the escrow co, & the lender.
emailed Richard a few times. I FINALLY RECEIVED MY CHECK… (hope its good)… Maybe they contacted him… I’m not sure… I just wanted to give everyone an update.


I’ve done 3 signings for this guy. I had to chase him down for my first check. I kept on him and finally got payment for the first signing (35 days past due). I kept on him about my 2nd and 3rd signings and he finally sent me the 2nd check which was 45 days past due. Holding my breath for the3rd check. If I don’t receive it I will be contacting cash call and escrow. I shouldn’t have to waste my time tracking down money that is owed to me!! I will never accept another signing from him. Beware! He seems charming and texts back quickly but he doesn’t pay unless you chase him! So annoying

Thanks for the info…

Be very careful. Yes they agreed to pay and it probably was a fair fee. Pay is NOT net 20 unless they changed their non-payment policies. Me, I’m about to take to them to court for non-payment after 3 years. Richard Negrillo is not honest in his dealings.

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Just curious. Why did you contunue to work for this company when they made it clear that they’re crooked?

My policy: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice (or more), shame on me.

They were 3 consecutive signings. All within the same week or two. Usually signing companies don’t pay within the week so there was no way of knowing that I wasn’t going to be paid.

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That makes sense. I’m sorry that happened to you.

Good luck with that! He finally paid me after 2 years, lots of letters, phone calls and making my intentions known that I would take them to court. BUT…he did pay me after 2+ years.

Right off, the name “Reliable Notaries” throws up a flag. I don’t know why, I just get an itch. I may have accepted signings from them in the distance past. I don’t consider them a top tier company.