Reminder to notaries-

Whenever you have a signing scheduled and there is an exorbitant amount of pages

YOU CAN ASK FOR AN ADDITIONAL PRINT FEE, and please do as it will help signing services

realize that they need to up their fees. :wink:



The problem is Signing Services tend to give an attitude or say they “have no room for fees” whenever notaries ask lol.


I’ve asked and have had companies give me more money. If they agree to it I have them email me the new fee so I have record of it.


I agree. The other problem is that many signings that come through Signing Platforms fail to disclose information when they send out notifications.
One is if a witness is required; a lot of signers in my area have 2nd homes in Florida and often we don’t know that we need to round up a witness at the last minute.
Some don’t advertise whether scans are necessary. While I don’t charge extra for this service, if they need scans within 2 hours and I have signings stacked up, there often isn’t time for me to scan in my back seat and get them uploaded.
The ones that get me is when you are not aware that the signers are using a trust or a specific POA to sign. These always take so much longer for some reason. My typical seller signing takes 20 minutes tops. I had one seller signing as a trustee for himself and as a POA for his wife who was the other trustee. He was elderly and the signing took 1 1/2 hours. I kept apologizing to the Realtor because it was taking so long since she had to get to another city for a showing. I let her know it was ok to leave and that I would call and update her when it was done.


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I think it all depends how confident the company feels you. You need to requested polite but confident that this is what you deserves. A short explanation and a clear this is the fee will send the message across. The most important part, do not be afraid to pass on in a signing that is not worth it the effort and pay.

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The problem is you should be able to negotiate your fee based on situation and paper that you need to print, but these signing services are very rude and get mad when you try to negotiate thats why we need to stop excepting low ball orders i dont care the order have to be over 100 dollars for me to accept it even if its close by the standard should be 100 and up to keep us in the blue as well. They dont work with you if you negotiate your fee they just replace you.

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Yes this is such a hassle and they do not disclose the full job description. Speaking about witnesses the signing service booked me a signer with no identification at all and wanted me to find a credible witness lol :laughing: i told them i dont know the signer and i cant find a person who knows us both to do the signing it seem like they wanted me to find anyone to lie and be the witness i declined and they were so mad…idk im the notary and need to uphold the law they really want to much.


You should charge extra for the time it takes to do additional things like signing a large package, scans, driving farther than a 10-15 mile radius, etc. It you don’t charge for your time and effort then you are not really operating a business. One thing that helps you get more money from signing companies is to tell them up front that there will be an additional charge if it turns out that there are more signers or more pages than a standard package. (I consider that to be around 100 pages). I always ask them how many pages it is. As far as as the platforms, I always respond back with a higher price than what they are offering because the fee is usually ridiculously low. ie, Wells Fargo refi with fax backs $60. ; reverse mortg. 80. Really?

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I too ask for a new confirmation.

I’m a signing agent, but I have yet to sign my first signing.
Thank you for the important insights.