Remote Online Notary Clarification

Has anyone recently become a RON certified notary? I have and I’m confused how this service works. I assumed I’d select a RON service provider and I’d tell them the time/date of the video conference. They’d set all that up, charge me a fee, and we’d go from there. Is that not the case? Seems that who I chose (eNotaryLog) is backed up, receiving 300 applicants a day, according to them. The “applicants” part confused me. I’m not an applicant; I’m in need of service. Can anyone shed some light on RON service providers?

I recently have been approved through my state as a RON notary. Being in Florida, I had an extremely narrow (I could count them on one hand) number of choices as to who I could use. From the information on your post, it’s not clear if the RON you have chosen employs you or treats you as an independent contractor. I use OneNotary and they are one a a very few hybrid RONs.

If your RON has employed you, then there should be a portal of some sort where your services are requested. Otherwise, you are probably contracted independently and it’s on you to bring your clients to the RON.

I hope this helps.

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