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I am trying to find a RON service provider to become a remote online notary. I took the test a while back but was not able to find a service as it was pretty new at the time. Does anyone have any experience with a company that they can recommend and share? Are you able to notarize for your own clients or anyone you choose or are they assigned? I am looking to be able to utilize my own clients.

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I have already taken the course and have my certificate so I am looking for providers to go through that you must provide on the Florida application for a remote notary host.

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Hmmm . . . the information you seek is already available on Notary Cafe within the existing database.
It’s is very insightful & helpful to research the database; however, it’s been said on numerous occasions that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find the Search Function on the Notary Cafe forums.

Look for the Magnifying Glass. It’s very much worth it! Here is an image that (hopefully) will be assistance to you in locating it.

Once you locate it, you can IMMEDIATELY unlock the wisdom and insights of the sages & knowledge of other members on the forums.


To get you started, I performed a cursory Search that provided the following results:

Also, here is a Page within the Notary Cafe Forum that lists more than 50 threads to research to locate the info you seek:

Happy Reading! :nerd_face::open_book::bookmark_tabs:

According to the Florida site, DocVerify, Signix, Notarize, NotaryCam, SafeDocs and Pavaso are all authorized. They don’t endorse any of them and there are probably more they will accept providing the company meets their standards (found in the manual)

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I was told by the Sec.of State office that there are MANY other platforms authorized. They just do not list them ALL.
Maybe someone could start a new forum on who has the cheapest platform to use?

That’s been done - many times here - VIPnotaryCO listed 5 companies she researched and was nice enough to share with everyone. It’s all here - via the search feature

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Thanks again Linda for the help!!! Much appreciated. Learning my way around this site. Just joined yesterday.


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