Replacement toner ink for laser jet printer

I am wondering if anyone else every gets their laser printer toner cartridge refilled instead of purchasing a brand new cartridge and what your experience is with that. My toner cost over $200 for the extra large and I tend to replace every other month. Just trying to save some $$$.

I don’t refill (never have) but many other notaries have posted on Notary Rotary about it; I use QuickShip Toner to get the toner for my HP and Brother MFC along with the drum for my Brother MFC - yes they are aftermarket but I have never had a problem with any product from them. I just don’t want the mess of refilling them myself.

I used to do that with an older HP printer. Could get 3 or 4 refills from one cartridge before it got streaky, spotty…just bad.
However, with a more ‘commercial’ type HP, the cartridge already is bigger/more pages and as the toner starts to get low, the print is already getting…not ‘bad’, but ‘not as clean’, so I no longer bother because I don’t think it will pay off. With HPs, the drum is in the cartridge and when it goes south…it goes south. Brothers…whole 'nother story as the drum is separate and I know nothing about Brothers.

I don’t refill, I use and purchase aftermarket / compatible toner cartridges, they almost always have a coupon, fast free shipping for purchases over $50 and no sales tax. The last order I placed with them I got FIVE high yield toner cartridges for my HP laserjet printer and I only paid $100.88 (that’s only $20 per toner cartridge). I have been using InkJetSuperstore since 2009 and I only had a problem with one toner cartridge out of the hundreds that I have purchased from them.


I’m confused. An inkjet printer doesn’t use (laser) toner cartridges.

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You are absolutely right, that was a typo on my part that I have corrected - I was typing my comment from my cell phone.
I have an HP LASERjet P6055dn printer, I use to purchase toner cartridges for my laser printer. :wink:

I’ve used aftermarket cartridges for my HP and Brother printers for over 10 years. Now I’ve started using Amazon for the cartridges and the average price is around $20.00 a cartridge. I’ve had a few cartridges over the years that didn’t work, but the companies always took them back and replaced with a new cartridge.


I have always used LD for my ink supplies for my Brother and HP printers. I get about 2,500+ pages from one cartridge on my Brother printer and have never had a problem. Finally had to replace the drum after 43,000 pages and got it from LD Products also.

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I believe you will find an inkjet printer is frowned upon by nearly all companies. Better check with the companies you do business with.
With that being said, My backup Canon printer is classified as inkjet but the ink does not smear with a yellow highlighter.

My Dell laser is a perfect work horse. Bought new 13 mos ago.I purchase my toner cartridges from amazon (3 for $45) and I am quite satisfied with them.

I don’t know how long it takes for edits to show up on forum posts but there was a typo in my original comment, which I corrected. I also clarified this in my reply to Arichter - I ACCIDENTALLY typed ink jet printer instead of laser, it was a typo (probably because I was typing my response on my cell phone and because I had typed the company name “InkJetSuperstore” several times). I use a laser printer, an HP LaserJet 6055dn specifically.
I don’t need to check with the companies that I work with - the builder with 5 subdivisions in my city that I have worked with for the past 10 years has no problem with my work or my laser printer. And the 3 large title offices that pay me more than double what the signing companies pay have no problem with with my work or my laser printer.
After over a decade as a successful NSA I believe I have a pretty good grasp of what is frowned upon. :wink:

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Perhaps I overlooked a previous remark for which I apologize ::)) It appears today you are have difficulty accepting constructive advise.

It appears today that you are having difficulty providing me with constructive advice. ::))

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Now Now kids…play nice. :smiley:

In my post I was asking about a laser cartridge toner not inkjet

Sorry I also want to add that I knew what was meant when she made a typo of injet vs laser. Since this is my original post, I am not taking offense with the typo and honestly in the end it is really not a big deal. It is irritating when minor mistakes like this are pointed out and it is just not necessary. Drop the subject of this minor typo…and move on.

I have purchased all my laser ink cartridges on Amazon and have never had an issue. Prices range and I’ve paid as little as $15 or so and been very happy with them. Why waste money. With prime, I’ve had free shipping.

I have been purchasing my toners/drums from Amazon. For drums which are more expensive than toners, I PAIF $55 for 5, just as cheap toners. I love the price and will continue to buy from Amazon.

I keep the original toner cartridge as a spare and I buy the off market cartriges from EzInk through Amazon. I use a Brother HL-L6200DW lazer printer that prints 48 pages per minute. The cartridges I purchase are the TN850 which delivers about 12,000 pages per cartridge and the cost is about $36.00 for 2, yes 2 cartridges,
The reason I keep the original as a spare is that if there is an issue with the off market cartridges, I can test the printer with the original equipment. I have also replaced the drum from the same EzInk with great savings also.