Required printed signature

Has anyone experienced signers stating that they were not allowed to sign their name on the original loan documents because their signature was too hard to read? They were told to “change or print” their signature? I have had that with the last 3 Wells Fargo Mod’s.

I’ve never been told by a signer that they were not allowed to sign original loan documents because of signatures being too hard to read. It’s all based on how the company that sent you the documents wishes to proceed. If the company told you that same information, then proceed accordingly. The companies ask that the borrowers sign the loan documents as they see their name printed, which means to sign clearly. If the signer refuses to sign their name clearly to make it readable, then just cancel the table signing.

I don’t recall a signing where the signing service or title company told me to make sure the signature is legible.

I have often been told the singer should sign as the name is printed under the signature line. I’ve taken the approach that if I can read the signature well enough to tell it’s different than the name printed under the signature line, I bring it to the signer’s attention, and if the signer insists, bring it to the hiring party’s attention. But if I can’t read it and the signer tells me he/she is writing what it says under the line, that’s fine.