Respond from Navy Fed regarding echecks

you can still use navy federal for depositing in ATM or branch

I have Navy Fed too and I was able to find a work around. I print my echecks on actual checks. The one you can purchase at Office max. They are not expense. They are like $25 for 500 checks. This seems to work for them.


Good idea.
I’ve had the same issue with NFCU depositing e-checks via phone. In the branch, I noticed they were having issues as well, but they would still accept it.
I’ll try printing on actual check paper.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the actual branch but I was told from a bankrupt that the tellers are no longer accepting it either. I don’t want to waste my time driving to the bank for them to tell me no so I tested out the workaround first. I have noticed though that they will take a bit longer to be approved, maybe they’re like really looking at it but it does get approved. I have yet to get a check rejected.

Good deal. I am going to look for a check pack of checks to test it out on.

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these are the ones i have

Did they work? I was just told the other day that NFCU doesn’t take e-checks in any form. Some companies do not use any other pay method. I was told by the signing service that they would have to cancel all my assignments if I couldn’t accept e-checks.

The branch stopped taking them as well.

I haven’t had success with them at NFCU. So what I do is deposit them via mobile at USAA and then transfer the funds over to NFCU.

I’ve heard that you can open a NFCU account if you are non-military. Is this true?

Regarding the e-check issue - Would you encounter the same problems with GNW or is it mostly with signing work?

Yes, Tricia NFCU has opened more non-military memberships. Check out their website.

NFCU are not accepting any printed e-checks. Th type of work performed doesn’t matter.