Reverse Mortgage signing

I did a signing for Notaroo which I will never do another one. But it came under Signing Order which is misleading. They said they mailed my payment and to yet I haven’t received it. It was done in November. BEWARE

I am going through the exact same situation! So frustrating…I did the reverse closing on 10/19/2023. I have contacted them 4 times now and still no pay…I will keep you posted. They also told me the payment was mailed and possibly lost in the mail…I was told they would mail another check out and this was 2 weeks ago now. :frowning:

Yes I sent them another email with no response. It must be self owned, I see a lot of that and then they sometimes are late paying. Almost any jobs with signing orders are slow, and when contacting signing order they say they are just a scheduling platform and to contact title.