RM Signing Services, LLC

I have been contacted by this signing agency for a job, but I can’t find anything regarding whether its’s good, bad, or somewhere in between regarding this agency. I am referring to paying on time and being reasonable. Anyone with experience or insights regarding RM signing services?

@alexia6ciulap No direct experience with the business entity. No data in the Notary Cafe database either.

Have you searched the internet including their website (rmsigning .com), names of the founders (Founder Rhodney Madrid, along with partners Steve Brunner and Douglas Lee), LinkedIn, etc.?


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I found them but have never worked with them. Please let us know how they are, if you end up working with them.

Maybe they’re a signing service such as Signing Order.com?

I did a signing for them in April and was paid early, before their 30 day net payment schedule. I found the experience was good.