Rocket Notary LLC - Sunrise Florida - No Payment

Invoiced 1 a month for 4 months, left polite voice messages. No reply.
They appear to have started this LLC in 7/22 already flopping.

Call Title and advise you haven’t been paid. No guaranty-but it often works!
Next time (and there will be a next time) don’t wait so long.


Notary Dash and C2C are in cahoots with one another. I mean geez if you really needed the money that bad, you could’ve asked him a question I believe in God I would’ve gave it to you, but you do not take from God’s people.

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that’s right for sure

Thank you but I just trust each of the services that reach out and perhaps now this is the one I will not trust. As a follow up I did call Rocket LLC and this time I got through and it was a while later she sent the check. So God is good as always.

The money is for the service I performed, not “needed that bad” I am well taken care of. Just keeping the forum up to date on the services to be aware of.

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Unfortunately, I am reading your message just now. They are super late on my payment too.