RON and signers computer access

I live in a rural area and have to pass up on a lot of signings because they are too far away or need a ferry to get to. I am considering RON but wonder if it would work with people who are not familiar with computers. Many of my signers are older people and have enough trouble just making a copy of their ID. Any input on how this might work or not work?

I do a Avg of 20 to 22 RON’s a Mo, I have no problems with Senior or Young, my problem is I want more RON closing, no other closing just RON’s

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I contract with Notarize and do independent work on DocVerify. I average 20 a day that are a mix of single documents and real estate packages. I have transitioned my business to RON only since April of 2020. There are very few problems with senior signers or even foreign signers. If you are patient, you can walk anyone through the process of doing a RON signing and, when finished, at least 95% or more will prefer to not go back to paper.


Unfortunately, Notarize does not do business in Washington nor does Pavaso. . I have tried a couple of platforms who also don’t do business in Washington either. Could I get the names of some companies to try that are reputable to do RON with. Nexsys came up. So did DocVerify

I am awaiting the okay from the Secretary of State so I can begin RON. I was told that you must know the notary law in all the states you do RON for. That seems excessive to me. Who can know all the laws in all the states you do RONs for? Is that true? Also I was told that if you have a person who doesn’t know how to work the platform, that you as the notary will have to walk them through. How are you supposed to be able to walk someone through when you are just starting and barely know what you’re doing? Just inquiring. Thanks

No! that’s not true, for every platform you are sign up with there is support because you can’t see the signer screen it is slightly different then yours, after a few signing you learn the signers screen in order to help but there is Support, you can have up to five platform, I have been doing RON’s for a year now
before I did Hybirds closing

Okay thanks because I was really concerned about that because I am not that well-versed with computerism lol. Also I’m glad to hear you don’t have to know laws in all 50 states. But that being said, how can you properly do a loan signing for another state without knowing their laws? Or do we just go by the laws of the state we are commissioned in?

Hi can I ask what state you are in? I am in AZ, and boy the RON platform doesn’t seem worth it to me as of right now. I think I’d be paying the customers to sign haha, no just kidding.
I do wonder how you got into it, was it easy. It seems so complicated.
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Not sure where you are located, but in Florida the venue is Florida and Florida laws are the ones that control:

F.S. 117
" An online notarization performed in accordance with this chapter is deemed to have been performed within this state and is governed by the applicable laws of this state."

Thank you. You are so helpful. I guess I either heard wrong or was given wrong advice. I was afraid to do online because of that, specifically.

In the beginning unknowing is always a little stressed, Four years later not so bad infact much better
this time, the first year I did very well financially, then here in florida we have a truck load of RON Closer, I’m still working at it didn’t make as much as before, countinusly looking for new ways to make this profitable