RON Help please

My commission has been changed over to RON and I’m still not certain how to get setup. Can anyone walk me through getting my signature approved?

I don’t do RON, but I know the procedures are quite a bit different depending on which state you are in. So, what state are you in?

Thanks for the quick response. I am in NY

Can you tell me what you mean by getting your signature approved?

I’d like to know what you mean by " commission changed over to RON" … isn’t your RON commission IN ADDITION TO your traditional commission?

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Remote online. In NY when you get approved as an electronic notary, you get a new number with new commission information.

You need to send your electronic signature and electronic stamp to department of state for approval prior to being able to do online notarizations.

Virginia has the same thing. If you get set up as a RON on, part of their setup is to get your signature set up electronically. You get your electronic stamp set up with them as well. You can then sign and stamp the form from your state to send back to them for their files