RON in NJ I can't find any info!

Good morning, NJ.Gov has been no help in getting RON updates! Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ciao! and Stay Safe!

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I found information in Snap Docs.

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NJ started with 11 month to complete a ron
ron from i dont know when then 2 months to inact…
what has been bugging me is this scanback sh… it takes as much time to scan back as to do the signing then it cuts your production way down.
everyone need to charge more.
or maybe cut to pay to congress and test them.
we all know stupid they are. the one poor idiot thought islands floated.

Yes, the scan backs are out of control! And they still want to pay $75. I am ALWAYS countering at $125-150. Crazy.

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Someone just took one for $85.00. ARGGGGGGGG

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For RON work, you need to be on a platform to do secure identification and notarizations via webcam. Look into

  • DocVerify (to run your own platform and charge your own fees)

  • Pavaso (for NSA work)

  • Notarize (currently looking for notaries for general notary work but will be adding NSA work.)

There are other ones like NotaryCam, SignX, DocuSign but I haven’t investigated them as much. I am an electronic notary in the Commonwealth of Virginia so make sure you are following NJ laws for remote notaries and get in touch with your state to find more information.

SnapDocs is not a site for RON work yet. They are mainly for NSA work and requests go out to all notaries in your area so they give the assignment to the first one who answers the request.


Hi rparker, just got approved for RON in TN. Can you share with me what fee you charge