RON info request

I’m in Illinois and RON was never allowed here, however it is under a temporary order since the pandemic started. It can be pulled at any time or maybe they will seek to make it permanently allowed.

Only transactions within the State are allowed. I can see how some notaries would jump in and get certified to do this, but with my law & cybersecurity background, my initial reaction was “no way”.

I’m new to the RON debate so I welcome your thoughts, opinions, etc., so I can stay informed.


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I’m with you…NO WAY. I’m gratified to see that someone with a law & cybersecurity background has the same opinion. It seems to me that notaries with a lot of experience are shying away from this, whereas, newbs think it’s just great. Regardless of this, it also seems there is very little demand for RON, while the notary’s cost is quite high.


Thank you. It’s a bad move if they are relying on it in IL. It’s also a little scary that newbs are out there without enough experience at the table, first. Yikes.

Why do we need RON with so many Mobile Notaries ??? Doesn’t that diminish all of our business… I really don’t want to see RON taken on this level, meaning personal docs like Trusts, POA, Titles, Mortgages. Hackers are getting good & electronic documents may be lost.

Certified Signings must continue. RON was okay in my corporate job b/c there were so many ways the corporate lawyers could come back on another corporation but Personal docs should be signed in person!!

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Not all newbies @Arichter , I’m against it for the reasons stated, cyber crimes… I will start doing RON because for now is income, but agreed with @KLaughlinNSA with mobile notary there’s no real need for online notarization. We don’t make the rules, right!? :upside_down_face::wink:

From what I hear, the notary’s expenses & liability are high but demand & income are not. Seems like the only ones raking it in are the technology-providers (who are the ones who really pushed this).