Ron notaries platforms

thinking about becoming ron certified. had a client the other day day she used a ron notary and loved it because it was so easy. i’m wondering what platforms people are using?

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@Virginiarogers43 => Great question! :bulb: By any chance have you taken a look through the extensive amount of information that is currently available within the Notary Café database?

=> Why perform a Search of the Notary Café database before creating a new thread?

Just good manners. :angel::yellow_heart: More than likely, it’s already present within the database & provides you with an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially). By guiding you to the Search Function, it "teaches you how to fish;" instead of giving you a fish . . . Be your own guru!

A Search of the Notary Café database (upper right/magnifying glass) will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply. Just type in the following Key Word “RON” in the Search field query box. You’ll be blessed with a PLETHORA of immediately available current/recent info there.

There is a very recent thread created by @VIPnotaryCO that provides the results of comprehensive research on the topic as well.

Best Wishes :swan:

@Virginiarogers43 - check with your state SOS to see what platforms are approved in order to get your RON commission. Here in FL we have to sign up with a provider and submit that info with our application for RON approval. Our SOS provides a list of those providers they have approved (so far). I’m not RON certified but I’m guessing if I were to apply I could line up one provider on my own then go with anyone else as needed - the only thing is I do believe our law in place says we have to keep that initial provider for the term or advise them of a change. Have not looked up the statute recently as I’m not interested so I’m not positive on that last point.

Good luck

P.S. - Check out this thread provided by @VIPnotaryCO - good info from her.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Virginiarogers43, In my experience, RON is like everything else in life, it has it’s Pro’s and Con’s. RON is only as good as all the users involved are (being technologically savvy). I had several RON assignments that turned traditional paper because one or more parties couldn’t navigate the platform. They “sell” it as easy, but at the end of the day, “easy” is up to interpretation by the user. When an assignment does go as planned, it’s easy money! I personally have used DocVerify and Pivaso.


Do those companies give you a decent amount of signings per month?

So true!!! Great post, vvs.


Hi @jennjoneis, “decent” is up to interpretation as well…LOL. I do an average of 2-4 per month between all, but in my area there is a good amount of RON notaries, so you have to factor that into the equation as well.

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Hi, I researched for a while and they were on the high end. I got certified in the State of Florida and ending with SigniX, Inc. They’re platform is simple to used and are reasonable in price. Best of luck.


I felt SignIx was expensive. I ended up with CyberizeIt: much less expensive, you can pay either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Most of the platforms are “bring your own customers”. It’s all about marketing yourself.

I started with Signix and after the year I left them as they were actually the worst and most difficult platform with basically no immediate support to address problems. So, unless things have changed drastically I would avoid Signix at all costs.

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Good to know. Thank you. :pray: I’m going to stick with Nexsys only for now and just keep adding more titles and lenders. is a reasonable and easy platform for your personal RONs.

I will only do RON with titles and lenders only. Will not do personal account.

i’m not understanding. so if you do it with title cos and lenders do you have multiple platforms or do they supply the platform

I love Nexsys, I do all my real estate/mortgage loan closings for multiple titles and lenders on one platform Nexsys.

Nope, speaking for me only, I have decided to stick with Nexsys only for RON.

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Is it Nexsys or nexsys clear

Sorry for the short cut!

When someone is talking about RON on Nexsys it is to be understood as Nexsys Clear Sign.
When someone is talking about Appraisal on Nexsys it is to be understood as Nexsys Clear Path.
When someone is talking about Home Owner Insurance on Nexsys it is to be understood as Nexsys Clear HOI.

You should be aware that any NexSys Clear Sign platform is run through AMROCK, regardless of the SS that you may be signed up with to use that service. To my understanding, at this time NexSys Clear Sign is being used for RON signings by AMROCK, the Closing Exchange (CX Choice), Service Link and SnapDocs (there may be others). The Closing Exchange is in the process of transferring from, moving to and training on a recently developed new platform; They will allow both service associated RON signings and independent RON signings using their platform. There is no membership fee to join, simply a flat fee per notary seal of $13 for the first and $5 for subsequent per signing document. That is a little different from SignIX, which has an annual membership fee and $10 for the first and $5 for subsequent notarizations to a maximum of $60. If you are interested in independent RON signings you should test drive them both.